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Christiana & Mark: Sexy, Laid Back Prenup Session

Lucky are those who find the love of their life early quite in the game. This thought resounds as we look through Christiana & Mark’s sexy, laid-back prenup session.

Now Mr. & Mrs. Canlas are expecting their little baby girl very soon. Theirs was a prenup session which we also found oh so sweet and refreshing.


As prenup session themes go, there are some wherein couples would dress up, choose a dream setting & destination. And there are those who would stay close to home, find a relaxing space and just have their sweet & quirky moments captured. Whatever theme couples choose, it’s essentially about how they want to look back at their relationship before they plunge into the next chapter of their lives together.

They simply had their prenup session at their good friend’s lovely home. Interestingly, it shows them doing things couples pretty much do together most of the time – eat! Take note of how many food items you see them eating for this session. Come to think of it, that could be one way to keep from getting hungry during your prenup shoot: include the food as props & have eating shots! You’d wonder if food is something they love sharing together. If it is, their gorgeous bods do not betray!

We love Christiana’s purple hair, the laid back feel, and their ‘food shots’. But most of all, we love how it shows the love between them in such a sexy, laid back prenup setting as if showing how one can find love even in the most mundane things – such as hanging out & eating! – and how this love can be so strong as to bring two people together to commit to a life of loving each other and bringing more life into the world.

Cheers to last year’s newlyweds to this year’s soon-to-be-parents Christiana & Mark!

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What do you think of Christiana & Mark’s prenup session? Don’t forget to share with friends, especially those thinking if they should go for their own laid back prenup session.

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