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Ehra Madrigal’s Prenup: An Impromptu Fantasy in Venice

In case you haven’t seen them on Metrophoto’s blog, Tom and Ehra Madrigal’s prenup photos shot in Venice have just been made public and they are oh-so-glorious!

Blending sartorial glamour with that carefree je ne sais quoi, Tom and Ehra Madrigal’s prenup session spells pure fantasy—and you won’t believe the story that comes with it either.  To find out more about what happened behind the scenes, we had a chat with the future bride herself.  Here, she recounts with us how she and her fiancé met, as well as her Top Knotters experience while preparing for and shooting in Venice.  As a bonus for our readers, Ehra also shares with us her advice for couples when it comes to selecting their suppliers for the big day.  We guarantee they’re 100% practical, perfect even for non-celebrities like most of us!

Ehra Madrigal's prenup in Venice

How they met:

Tom Yeung was a good friend of Ehra’s sister, Michelle, and so the future bride knew him vaguely for six to seven years before they even got together.  They would sometimes see each other at Robot, a hip Japanese restaurant in Makati, which Tom owned along with three other partners including Tim Yap.  They also saw each other at functions like weddings.  But in those days, they were either both attached or Ehra didn’t feel ready to entertain any suitors again.

Eventually, the two started hanging out as part of a barkada.  It was months before Tom admitted to Ehra that he liked her and wanted to court her.  Props to the man for making his intentions clear!  Ehra says it was an unexpected but pleasant surprise to find out during their courtship that they had a lot in common.   

“It just came naturally.  Sumakto lang talaga.  Mabuti na, [it was] right timing.”

 Ehra Madrigal’s Prenup Shoot Preparations

Ehra already knew who her dream suppliers were so she decided to book them even before she and Tom had set their date.  For their engagement session, it turned out that Oly Ruiz and his team from Metrophoto would be in Europe the same time that Ehra and Tom would be traveling there.

The couple, who wanted to keep the trip flexible depending on their mood, didn’t have an itinerary.  Nevertheless, they agreed with Metrophoto to meet somewhere in Europe.  Ehra kept singing praises for Oly, whom she said went out of his way to procure their wardrobe for the shoot—all the couple had to do was give him their sizes and measurements! (Check out another of Metrophoto’s engagement sessions, shot in exotic Surigao.)

Shooting Ehra Madrigal’s Prenup Session in Venice

The couple and their photographer finally found their common free time in August 2016, when Ehra and Tom were in Venice.  In hindsight, they could not have found a better location.  Ehra herself confesses that she loved the water and the legendary canals of Venice gave her the perfect element to work with.

During Ehra Madrigal’s prenup session, the future bride recalls how it felt like they were exploring a maze.  Even though her gown was incredibly heavy, she was in the zone and was enjoying every minute of it.

“Feel na feel ko talaga.  Strangers were congratulating us [when they realised we were shooting our engagement photos].  Kilig! Iba ung vibe, ang saya.” 

She also enjoyed working with Oly, whom she said had an amazing eye for detail.  Even ordinary brick walls were turned into perfect canvasses for the shoot.  Oly instructed them as necessary and made them feel comfortable and secure throughout the shoot. 

“I just trusted him and told him ‘bahala ka na’.”

Before they wrapped up Ehra Madrigal’s prenup shoot, the future bride herself suggested having some photos taken while they rode the gondola.  After all, the elaborate canals is what Venice is most famous for.  They managed to squeeze in the photos even though night had already fallen—and the effect is utterly romantic!

Ehra also had nothing but good words to say for her makeup artist, Mickey See, who was traveling with Oly’s team at the time as well.  Aside from Mickey’s undeniable skill, Ehra appreciated how he took care of her and gamely walked with them throughout the shoot.

Ehra’s Advice for Couples

Having learned from her experience during the engagement session and also during the preparations her her own upcoming wedding, Ehra generously offers her own tips for brides and grooms who are in the planning stages.

1. Know what you want

“It doesn’t mean na sila ang kinuha ng celebrities, sila na rin ang kukunin mo.  It all boils down to personal taste, which still you prefer.  Kasi lahat naman sila magaling.  Just trust your instincts.”

2. In terms of budget

“Hindi kailangan gumastos especially now, ang daming options.  But personally I think photo and video should be a priority.  Kasi you’ll always look back on it.”

3. Make up your mind

“Stick with your choices.  You can ask for advice and when you go to other events, you might think you also want what you saw at this or that wedding.  But in the end, you have to make your own decisions based on what you think will work for you.”

There you have it!  We hope you enjoyed looking at the photos from Ehra Madrigal’s prenup in Venice, as well as reading about the couples’ Top Knotters experience!  We especially enjoyed talking with Ehra—such a bubbly and sincere personality.  We wish the couple all the best for their married life.  Cheers!

Supplier Spotlight: Photography: MetrophotoMakeup: Mickey See | Gown: Joe San Antonio | Suit: Boy Kastner Santos | Tom’s accessories: OTAA

Did you find Ehra’s advice useful?  Tell us which ones you agree with and why in the comments section below!

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