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Iloilo Wedding: When Jacq & Rouge Said ‘Owl Do’

Iloilo Wedding, Owl Do, Love Train Studios

Here’s a unique Iloilo wedding with a theme you don’t see often – owls. And why not? As Jacq & Rouge puts it:

“They are symbols of wisdom, mystery, and magic.”

Wedding themes often revolve around a color motif, a certain season, era or design style. What makes this one unique is how the couple anchored their theme on a creature that somehow represents their relationship and the kind of personality they both have.


“Perhaps we are drawn to these majestic creatures as they are creatures of the night, same as we are, and that they are fierce hunters and warrior birds (we both do a bit of martial arts & competitive shooting!)”

That’s not all that they have in common. Their other hobbies together include playing instruments, painting, and photography. The couple are both artists but in different fields, Rouge is into traditional & visual arts while Jacq was into painting & theater. This is even reflected in how they did their wedding. Most of the details seen here are crafted by the couple, but of course with the help of their family & closest friends. This made the wedding even more magical for them.

Bridesmaids & Secondary sponsor dresses designed & created by Jacq

Chalk art, invitations, and other visuals created by Rouge

Theirs is a lovely story that started off all the way from their elementary years when their siblings went to the same school and they saw each other as Rouge picked up his sister and Jacq accompanied her mother to pick up her brother.

“It was the first time they met. Rouge couldn’t keep his eyes off her – he was stealing glances. Jacq didn’t really care for Rouge yet at that time.”

It was this connection that brought them again together in college despite studying in different universities. They were taking up very similar courses – He was taking up computer science, and she, information technology. It turns out, Jacq and Rouge’s mothers were close friends. Jacq’s mom told Rouge that Jacq needed a book Rouge he had. So he was quick to take the opportunity! He let Jacq borrow the book, but it meant they had to meet somewhere. He was actually setting up a date. They had that date, and from there, it was history. For months, almost a year, Rouge courted Jacq (until) one day, Jacq woke up with the feeling that she could not live without Rouge.

“I promise, this is what Jacq tells me, and up to this day, she swears that I used a love potion on her. Haha!”

Love potion or not, one thing’s for sure, their relationship is the real thing having gone this far and with a beautiful Iloilo wedding to boot! Their tip for other soon-to-weds could very well extend from tips to prepare for the wedding day to tips to prepare for married life as well.

“Our tip is very simple. It will be hard. It will test you both, but do it together, hand in hand, and enjoy each and every moment of the planning until the end of reception. When both of us look back, we smile. The wedding was perfect for us but it was just the tip of the iceberg. The planning was the part that made us stronger as a couple and it really showed us how both of us, along with our families and friends, cared for this special moment in our lives.

As for the day itself, they shared how every part of this Iloilo wedding was a Top Knotter moment for them.

“Everything was magic.We will forever be grateful to our parents, family, and friends, and we could not thank the suppliers enough. TMX (Travel and Marketing Experts Corp), the event organizers, made sure that everything was smooth – and boy, did we feel it. We worked closely with them. They gave more than we expected and made sure that we had a beautiful, stylish, rustic-themed wedding within budget. They were even able to squeeze in fireworks!

The media teams – we loved so much. Love Train Studios, TriggerHAPPYManila took beautiful, beautiful photos that captured the happiness and love. Our very own Haraya Studios made us smile with teary eyes when we saw the SDE. All were our friends – some new, others go way back since college, and they made sure that we felt the love.

Zendelle Lacao did the Suit and Dress (working closely with Jacq) and John Montinola made sure that the bride was beautiful.

Food was scrumptious (big thanks to Chef Pauline Gorriceta-Banusing), and it made sure to highlight the Ilonggo Cuisine. We received a lot of compliments on how delicious dinner was.

Bobby was an awesome host, never a dull moment! Everybody had a great time.

The invitations, cake, souvenirs, bridal car, were all beautiful and all transactions went smoothly.

Our whole wedding was a Top Knotter Moment. It was all so perfect to us that we loved each and every element of it, each and every person involved. We felt the love.”

And it is as it should be; that love will be felt all around on such an occasion, which is a celebration that seals the love between two souls. Two souls meant to stay together and continue deciding to love each other as they share days that will bring them wisdom, mystery & magic for an exciting married life.

Rouge & Jacq – Owl Do from Haraya Studios on Vimeo.

Supplier spotlight: Event Organizer and Event Stylist – Travel and Marketing Experts in Iloilo City | Caterer – Al Dente Ristorante Italiano & Catering Services | Videographer – Haraya Studios | Photographers – Love Train Studios Photography, TriggerHappyManila (special thanks to Drei Felix, Arwin Marcelino, Cymer Bucao) | Hair and makeup – John Montinola | Bridal Gown and Groom’s Suit – Zendelle Lacao | Entourage’s Dress – Jacquelyn Panes (the bride)| DIY Details (chalk art, etc) – Kristoffer Panes (the groom) and Jacquelyn Panes (the bride) | Woodworking and Engineering (Lanterns, doors, etc) – None other than the ultimate handyman dad Felipe Panes (father of the groom) | Wedding Cake – Sue’s Cake Gallery | Souvenirs – Ceramikhaus of Cebu | Invitations – Designed by the groom, printed by Urbanista Invites | Preparation  Venue – Adhara Hotel in Anhawan | Ceremony & Reception – Beach Garden Hall, Anhawan Beach Resort, Iloilo | Bridal car (VW Minibus) – Swacky Prints | Host – Bobby Rodriguez

What do you think of this crafty rustic, Iloilo wedding? Don’t forget to share this with other soon-to-weds you know who are planning to be crafty & creatively hands-on with their own wedding.

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