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Bohemian Luxe: Batanes Prenup of Jezreel & Lea

Bohemian Luxe, Batanes Prenup, Filterpan Photography

This couple didn’t escape the magical pull of Batanes. Originally planning for an Airport backdrop for their prenup session, they ended up opting for a bohemian luxe Batanes prenup. And this was because they followed their feelings.

It’s interesting to learn about different ways couples decide on how to go about their prenup session. After all, it’s a documentation or memento that’s normally representative of their pre-wedded love & relationship. Some couples go for themes related to where they met, where they spend most of their time together or a different kind of dream world for the both of them. The way things happened for Jez & Lea, it seems as if they were just led to it.


“For a significant part of our relationship, there was distance. And while airports have a way ofreminding us that we’ll be together again, it somehow reminded us that someone has to leave once again. We already had several planning meetings with our Photographer/Videographer, Coordinator and Stylist, and we almost had an Airport + Indoor/Glamour prenup shoot. Almost. We made an ocular visit to the airport where it would be shot and realized this is not how and where our prenup will be shot.

“Feelings” played a huge role in most of our wedding choices. At the time of planning our prenup shoot, it just so happened we were also planning our next trip together – and so we thought, why not combine our travel with prenup shoot? That idea led to an overwhelming feeling of joy and excitement on where to travel next, or should we say – where to shoot our prenup. And so we spontaneously decided to have a destination photoshoot instead; we have always wanted to experience Batanes and the fact that our photographer/videographer has been there a couple of times sealed the deal. Our theme was led by our stylist, Jeff Galang, as he thoughtfully provided a short-list of bride-groom matching styles to complement the beauty of Batanes landscapes.

Our venue and theme went from a reminder of “distance” to a story of  “togetherness”.

So, what should you expect when you go for a prenup in Batanes? It’s quite a distance, a lot of time needs to be allotted and can cost you quite a bit. Here’s what Lea & Jezreel have to say about their Batanes prenup experience:

“It was really fun! For most of the time, we were all looking at the weather forecast, which consistently was saying 90%+ chance of rain. We were extremely lucky to leverage the unpredictable weather in Batanes to shoot 3-storey waves behind us, strong winds to dramatize the colorful dresses, sun with clear skies to showcase the mountain ranges and endless slopes of green, moments of hard rain to let us all take a break, and an impending dark and stormy sky which perfectly fits our wedding motif.

A 3-days, 2-nights photoshoot in Batanes is fast-paced and we’re so glad we have the perfect team to make it easier for us. I am camera-shy and not photogenic, but thanks to our team’s creativity and patience, they were able to find the best angles to complement what Batanes has to offer.

Our expectations were definitely exceeded – thanks to breath-taking Batanes and a world-class team.

To those planning for their own prenup session, here are Jez & Lea’s tips:

1)     Choose the right people to do the job.

As long as the people you work with are passionate in what they do, greatness shows in the results, regardless of the location.

2)     Trust what you feel as a couple.

Even though you thought you have decided on your prenup session, don’t be afraid to make changes to your plans if you “feel” that another plan is best for you. On a similar case, we had to forego a paid reservation fee for another Church when we mutually felt goosebumps entering Tagaytay Midlands’ Madre de Dios. You will only do this once, and so might as well choose what you really like.

3)     Book the photographers/videographers way in advance.

Because they can get pretty busy and you might not get the supplier that you like. We booked Filterpan even before we finalized the church

4)     Get a stylist.

People tend to overlook getting a stylist as it is truly an added cost.  But, getting one really made a huge difference and saved us a lot of time and resources as well because he brought everything (from gowns, suit to accessories- hence we didn’t buy anymore) to the shoot, conceptualized each layout and made sure we would look good on camera.

5)     Attend bridal fairs.

So you can choose from a wide variety of suppliers and get a lot of freebies and discounts


6)     Agree on how to go about your theme.

The couple should both agree on the pegs you’re going for.  Or else, it would look “forced”.

7)     Eat well, pack some snacks.

For destination prenups, it is important to start the day with a heavy breakfast and pack snacks and water as the shoot can get pretty long and stores (if there’s one at all) were not easily accessible in some areas.

8)     Mind your timing.

If doing outdoor shoots, make sure to do it either early morning or late evening, so there’d be lesser people to wait for to clear your desired layout. Extra early if the place is a tourist spot. Remember, the place will be shared with fellow tourists and they’d want to get good pictures too

9)     Always check the weather forecast

So you can plan your shoot ahead with your most ideal setting.  However, as the weather tend to be erratic at times, there should also be a backup plan (e.g. alternative layout, outfits that can be worn under the rain) so you won’t waste a day of shooting.

10)  Be flexible to change

No. matter how much planning we put into it, something always can go wrong. So instead of ruining your mood when things aren’t going as expected, adapt to it.

Watch Jez & Lea’s Batanes Prenup (Save The Date Video) by Filterpan Studios

Supplier Spotlight: Photo and Video: Filterpan Photography  | Styling: Jeff Galang | HMUA:  Katchie Mejias | Wedding/Event Coordination: Events Plus by Alec Santos

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