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Pre-Wedding Film with SDE: Mickey & Shane

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Admit it, your love story must be one of your happiest thoughts in the world! So, why not have it immortalized through a pre-wedding film?

Well, that’s exactly what Mickey & Shane did.

When it comes to pre-wedding mementos, pre-nup photos & videos would usually have styled thematic set ups. They would usually use themes, places and scenarios that have some significance for the couple. For some it’s a chance to either dress up differently or capture a representation of what their relationship is like. It’s not often, though, that couples are able to share their love story, narrated through their very own wedding film. In fact, this is the first time I’ve actually encountered a wedding video such as this.

I understand why they wanted their pre-wedding film told this way. Theirs is a story of ‘love at first sight’.

‘Love at first sight’ is undoubtedly a very romantic concept that some people can only dream of experiencing; some yearn for it, others don’t believe in it. Not all love stories begin with love at first sight. Fortunately, it’s how Mickey & Shane’s love story started. Sharing it through their pre-wedding film can only fan the flame of hopeless romantics’ desire to experience it and make those skeptical believe in it a bit.


What’s great about this idea is how The Rewind Media combined the pre-wedding film with the couple’s same day edit on their big day. They tied together a quick flashback of the couple’s love story leading up to their actual wedding day. The best part, for me, is how they’ll be able to share this to their future kids & grand kids for them to actually see what it was like not only on their wedding day, but during the time that their love story was unfolding.

Isn’t it always refreshing when real life is better than fiction?


Mickey and Shane “The Lovestory” from Rewind Media on Vimeo.


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