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Sunday Engagement at The Farm: Ryan & Krystel

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Nothing else comes more naturally than true love.

This is probably the reason behind why most couples would like to be surrounded by nature & the outdoors as they immortalize their upcoming union with a prenup session. Likewise, we see how Ryan & Krystel’s love just shines through with their session themed Sunday Engagement Session at the Farm’.

They chose San Rafael River Adventure in Bulacan as the backdrop for their engagement session.

“The first time we went to that resort, we fell in love with the place and I told myself that I want our prenup session to be in that resort. We both love to go to the beach or resorts and at the same time, the place has this nature vibe, which we also like.”


Aside from their common love for the beach & resorts, and the fact that they just loved the place, the couple took into consideration their photographer’s style to match with the venue.

“What made us to finally choose the venue was due to our photographer’s style in taking photos. Our photographer’s style mainly focuses on bright or well-lit surroundings and greenery backgrounds. The venue suits that well, and it brought the best out of them. It’s like they were in their comfort zone. And it did! The photos were amazing!”

Coming up with the theme, on the other hand, was also in collaboration with their stylist

“The theme was basically an exchange of ideas from us and with our stylist, what the venue looks like, what we like to do as a couple, where we usually go, things like that. Until she finally came up with the mood board that suits the venue, hence the “Sunday Engagement at the Farm” was created as our theme”

It’s typical for sessions like this to be tiring for couples but, most of the time, it’s really a lot of fun, especially when working with suppliers you can bond with.

“It was super fun! Tiring, yes. But everything was really worth it. Plus, we get to know more about our suppliers, so it became a bonding time with them as well.”


So, for those planning on their engagement session, here’s a list of their tips & advice:

1. Do not forget to bring snacks/drinks for everyone

For those who will have a 4-5 hour prenup shoot, it really helps to bring something to eat while doing the shoot. Kung nakakapagod ngumiti sobrang daming beses, mas nakakapagod atang mag-take ng picture and think outside the box para mapaganda lalo ang output ng photos. So let us not forget our suppliers because they also need the energy to do their jobs properly.

2. Relax and enjoy the prenup session

At first, you will feel a little nervous and shy at the same time, but once you get a hang of it, your smile and poses will come out naturally.

3. Trust your suppliers

They know how to make the best out of every photo. But don’t be afraid to make suggestions, so that it can be more collaborative and fun.

4. Get plenty of rest

Get some beauty rest the night before of the shoot. You wouldn’t want to look haggard/stressed in the photos, right?

5. Don’t cram

Plan ahead. Yes, there may be last minute changes but it pays a lot if you plan ahead of time (transportation, food, schedule, etc.).

6. If everything will not go as planned, LET GO!

Don’t dwell on the things that didn’t go well, but rather, focus more on what else can be done.

Looks like Ryan & Kristel has got it all down pat. They do look cool and relaxed in their pretty engagement photo’s don’t you think?

krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0008 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0012 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0010 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0024 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0007 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0004 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0027 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0002 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0026 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0020 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0018 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0003 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0017 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0023 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0016 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0015 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0025 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0011 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0022 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0014 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0009 krystel-_-ryan-prenup_0005

Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: Don Tapan Photography | Stylist: Styling by Yvonne Camay | HMUA: Dred Postigo Makeup
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  • Sam

    Loving this barn theme! I think even though some prenup themes are similar, we can always find something new per couple! I also love how your blog gives me an idea on what I wanted to see in my own… def in the outdoors, with lots of earth. 🙂