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10 Engagement Session Tips That Will Give You Better Results

Engagement Sessions are one of the most fun, exciting, tiring and sometimes stressful things couples will experience in their lives.

When we featured Emman & Myla’s Bedazzling Bolinao engagement session a while back, it seems the couple gained a lot of from that experience as they had a lot to say in terms of the tips they have for others planning for their own prenup session. This is also why we have this separate post just to share their insights. Hope you enjoy and find their rundown useful too!

Here are their Engagement Session Tips that will surely make your experience a memorable one:

1) Choosing your Photographer/Videographer

Find yourselves a photographer/videographer that has a collection of wedding & prenup photos/videos that suits your preferences. Also, make sure it’s a person/group could you could trust and find easy to communicate your expectations for your prenup session with.

2) Choosing a theme. Find a prenup theme that suits our character as a couple.

This is not somebody else’s prenup session — it’s yours. Each couple has a unique quality & characteristic of their relationship that can be showcased during the prenup. Use those qualities during your brainstorming.

bolinao beach, efjay de leon, engagement session

3) Collaborate with your suppliers

If you are having a hard time thinking & choosing what to do in your prenup, work with your photographer/videographer and surely they could find you a theme that would fit your preferences.

4) Work within your budget

Think of the things you love most. If you think it’s worth doing, then go for it. Every couple has their own budget for each item in their wedding list – including the prenup session. If you think that it will exceed your estimates, then find an alternative where you can achieve the same output. You might not know it, but it might turn out better than your original plan.

travel themed prenup , photogenics

5) Prepare food and other necessities

If you can bring/prepare your own food, water, and snacks for your group, do it. It’s cheaper than eating in restaurants. Plus point is you’ll get to have bonding moments with your suppliers.

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Avoid this stressful situations before your prenup date to maximize and enjoy your experience. 

6) Mind your team

Take care of the team you’re bringing to the location, not only in terms of food but also their comfort. A well-conditioned team will surely give you good output, the best output even.

anawangin prenup, oak st studios, engagement session

7) Be on time

In general, whether or not you’re in the corporate world, more time means more good results. It will also give you proper time to assess things and help you come up with better plans & decisions.

8) Get a hair & makeup artist

This will help ease things up for you and your partner to be more handsome & beautiful for your session. Because if you are planning not to have a makeup artist for the shoot, be prepared for some hard work in doing your makeup & fixing your hair. (We opted not to get one due to travel & budget constraints, but we were able to finish the shoot with the photos that we liked)

Rockwell Loft, Oak St Studios, engagement session

9)  Enjoy!

The last and most important one: Don’t forget to enjoy this activity. We know that in the end, we are doing this because it’s all about showing how you love each other and how you guys are having fun together. It’s just like documenting it through videos & photographs, which in time will serve as memories worth sharing with our family & loved ones.

Now this last one is on us, The Top Knotters

10) Get a stylist.

If it still fits your budget, and especially if neither one of you are that much into crafts, arts or styling, it will do a world of difference to hire a stylist to make the planning and execution of your desired look much easier for you and the rest of your team.

We’d love to hear about your engagement session story & tips. Share your tips on the comment area.

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  • How much are prenup photoshoots nowadays? I am so curious and have meant to ask before. I think the tips you gave are solid. One thing, the make up artists has to be someone who is familiar with photography kasi the make up is not the same for pictorials diba?

    http://www.amazinglifedaily.com #AmazingLifeDaily

    • Hi Robert. Prenup Shoots or Engagement Shoots cost around 5k to 25k depending on the photographers the couple will hire.

      • This also depends on the location? I assume this is shouldered syempre by the couple… plus others, make up artists… ALL IN at 5K to 25K? Or is that rate for the photographer only?

        • The location matters too but no matter how great the location is , if the other suppliers aren’t that good, it would still be a waste. And yes, the couple usually shoulders the transportation of the suppliers too. For all in, 25k is pretty much a good peg of the rates depending on which suppliers you really invested more on. Some photographers can charge as high as 25k just for a prenup session.

  • Nilyn EC Matugas

    Our prenup photoshoot was so cheap, so simple but so much fun! The team was composed of friends who really love us. The person who did my make up was someone who’s 7 yrs younger than me, our photographer was 3 yrs younger than me. And all our costumes were borrowed. We shot our prenup in Wawa Dam, in Montalban, Rizal and it was something I’ll never forget. 🙂

    • How much was it back then? A wawa dam prenup would be so cool. Lots of textures. I’m sure the photos were great. Engagement Sessions can truly be memorable.

      • Nilyn EC Matugas

        This was back in 2012, and since they were our friends, everything was free. We just prepared the food for snacks and the paid for their fares.

  • Jessica

    Couples will be lucky enough if they are surrounded by creative people who can fulfill each task for the engagement. Haha. Despite the stress and tiredness it can give, enjoyment should be the top priority. That is why selecting the people you will work with is an essential task above all the preparations. Thank you for all these tips!

  • Ann Balisbis

    Engagement? What is engagement? I don’t want engagement! haha Kidding aside. I know how stressful it is to do an engagement shoot. I’m not engaged but I have a colleague who shared some of her struggles during theirs. She even said that you also have to talk to your partner, because not everyone is comfortable being in front of the camera and talking to them makes it easier for them to project perfectly. 🙂 Being a single person as I am, of course, I don’t think about this yet. But thanks for listing all these things out because I’m sure, someone somewhere is trying to look for tips and they might stumble here and find answers.

  • Mommy QueenElizabeth

    I remember i did a prenup shoot for a friend. Im not really a photographer, its just a hobby. they needed help so i volunteered. It was just simple but we are all happy about the result. The couple is really on a very tight budget. There are a lot of expenses and preparations tagged along with prenuptial shoots or even prebirthdays and the like. I think the most important above all is still the budget! Everything from stylist to hmua and the venue needs a pretty good amount of cash 😉

  • I have no plans of being engaged or married yet. But I’m choosing between two themes that I’d really want to apply in the future. These tips are really helpful especially for those who don’t really know where to begin in planning this out. Preparation is really vital and major events such as this.

  • mollymia

    i’ve came across those behind the scenes shots of photographers trying their best to snap the best shot of the couple, and really… kudos to them! sometimes they really have to put their life on the line in order to get that perfect shot, so pointer number 6 is indeed extremely important. so is working within a comfortable budget. i’ve heard countless stories of couples overspending for their wedding preparations and then falling into huge debts right after the marriage.

  • Tamshuk Saha

    Seems like some very useful tips for soon-to-be-hitched couples. Budget would be a very important factor in all these too considering some of these sessions can turn out to be quite expensive. I have seen couples doing a lot of planning for pre-wedding shoots. Probably now I understand what they used to plan about 🙂

  • Dunja

    Great tips! I won’t be engaged anytime soon, but that are still good things to know.
    It may be stressful, but it’s wonderful and it celebrates love so i think couple should enjoy it as much as possible. And they will have a beautiful shots to remind them of the great period of their lives 🙂

  • Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    Great tips! When we did ours years ago, we didn’t quite have a theme. We just let the photographer direct. We did it in Tokyo and had very limited resources also so we just made do with the help of friends.

  • Yogo Cream

    Really helpful tips 🙂 Our engagement is still far off, but I’m contemplating to have a simple pre-nup and a fabulous post-nup. Hiring a HMUA and stylist is definitely a must. It ensures that the get up of the couple fits their theme in mind. Plus, it also makes the photo great. -Me-An Clemente of http://yogoandcream.com

  • Milton Coyne

    these tips just made me realized how much time and preparation a couple should went thru if they really want their wedding to me memorable! I guest getting the right videographer or photographer is truly crucial as they are the one responsible of capturing all these special moments


    I think I bumped into one of your posts that also discusses engagement sessions. I liked this article more than the other one since it provides readers with helpful tips. I’m a bride-to-be and at first I didn’t consider hiring a makeup artist for my prenup sessions. Reading your article made me reconsider. Thank you! – Jen from Invest MNL

  • Kareen Liez

    I love your photos! It apparently turned out well because you did all the tips you mentioned here. It is also important to just be yourself in front of the camera. I know shots like these are fun and I always wanted to do one.

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  • Richard Anthony Baldoza

    It’s really important to know who is handling the engagement. What kind of team is this? What are their specialties and how will this affect my engagement. These information are crucial and will definitely make or break the event. Great read!

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