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A Rustic Casa San Pablo Wedding: Van Ryan & RB

Casa San Pablo Wedding, Paper Project Photography

Rustic outdoor garden weddings will never get old. Just take a look at Van Ryan and RB’s Casa San Pablo Wedding.

I love how the theme used warm fall color in the midst of the greens. Going through the lovely set of images, you wouldn’t think that this couple has been through quite a bit in their relationship up until their wedding day!

Reading about their story might remind you of yours or of someone you know, but there’s a lesson in putting God first before all to see how things will just fall into place if you make Him part of your love story. Here’s their story in RB’s words:


“We started wrong in our relationship, we wanted to love each other, but in the process, we were hurting others. So, God needed to deal with us individually and restore our relationship with Him first, then with others.

Van Ryan waited and courted me for a year before God finally gave us His permission.

After 2 years in our relationship, God gave us the opportunity to work overseas. This time God made me wait for 3 years before He gave Van Ryan the go signal to ask me for marriage, as He needed to prepare Van Ryan to lead our marriage.

Our love story leading to our marriage is filled not just with joy, fun, and laughter, it was also filled with a lot of waiting, pain, and disappointment. But we always believe that our disappointments are God’s appointments. And true enough, even to the smallest detail of our love story He is there.”

Come their big day, they were yet again faced with a bit of a problem. But it wasn’t something God can pull through for them with the help of their suppliers from whom they experienced their Top Knotter Moment.


“The risk of having an outdoor wedding is you can’t control the elements, such as the rain. On our wedding day, the rain started to pour and I started to become a bit anxious because of it. But our suppliers, particularly Elaine (hair and make-up) and her team, Jeck of Paper Project Photography, and Ace of Aceron Studios (videographer) were cheering me up throughout the entire preparation. They were like friends who would back you up when you’re down. By God’s grace the rain stopped by 12nn and never did it rain again during that day. Our wedding turned out to be more than what we thought of.”

Now, isn’t that something nice to look back on? Theirs is a story maybe some of us can learn from. For their beautiful story & lovely wedding, I found a quote that I think is quite apt and it goes:

“God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it’s worth the wait.” 


To prepare for the wedding day itself, Van Ryan & RB shared tips on how you can have your dream wedding without compromising your budget just keeping in mind that you need to invest your time and creativity.

1. Set a budget and stick to it.

Try to set a budget where you are both comfortable with. Don’t under budget as you might risk investing on the wrong suppliers, but never over budget because you still have a life after your wedding.

2. Have an emergency fund on hand.

What we had was fixed a budget, but set aside a 20% emergency fund for unforeseen expenses before during and after the wedding.

3. For some details, DIY!

To help us further reduce expenses, we did our own invites, gifts, and decors. You can also ask your friends for help. Not only did we save a good 20k but we also enjoyed doing our DIYs.

Watch how Aceron Studios capture RB and Van Ryan’s emotional first look at the aisle and see what the couple did first before their first kiss as husband and wife.

Van Ryan and Rb Wedding from Aceron Studios on Vimeo.

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Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: Paper Project Photography (Jeck Kempis) | Videographer: Aceron Studios (Rona & Ace Peteza) | Florist: Dangwa Florist | Hair & Makeup: Elaine DCS and Glam Team (Elaine DC Silva) | Music Band: G Music Services | Cake: Corazon Cafe | Bridal Gown: Lavita Brides Singapore | Entourage/Principal Sponsors’ Gowns:  Tamed by Hanna Delos Reyes | Wedding Coordinator: Just Around The Corner Events Management (Chessa Yutankin)
And, indeed, theirs turned out to be a beautiful wedding, down to the details! What do you think about Van Ryan & RB’s story & wedding? How would you do your own rustic-themed wedding?


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  • The tree with the photos!! That’s so cute. I adore every detail they had for their wedding. The place gives me that Baguio impression. Those tips are really helpful especially to those who plan to tie the knot soon. 🙂