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Stop-Motion Prenup Video : Migs & Oyen

Prenup Video

‘Game Over’ doesn’t sound so bad if you put it in this stop-motion prenup video.

80’s kids won’t help but feel nostalgic watching this unique pre-nup video. The soundtrack in itself brings you a blast from the past. The couple, Migs & Oyen, and Filterpan, the videographer, did their own, modern take of the story between Mario & the Princess. There was no plumber & no princess, just Migs & Oyen, enjoying themselves in the make believe world of Mario Brothers, immortalizing the fact that for them, the ‘chase’ is over.

This is definitely another unique prenup video; one, though, that didn’t need the use of special filming gadgets like a glider, slider or drone – just your good ol’ tripod and stop-motion techniques.

Stop-motion videos aren’t a walk in the park to produce.

I had to rewind some parts for a double take on how the scenes were made. It’s cool how they were able to make life-sized features of the game. Instead of the usual mushroom or flower, they had a heart as their 1UP, life and ammo. Maybe, because that is all they really need; each other and their love to fight and overcome whatever obstacles that come their way. That love saw them through and it’s what they had with them ‘til the end.

What’s nice about video concepts like these, which couples make the effort to have at their prenup stage, is that it’s a theme they can follow through with to document the next milestones in their relationship & family life. Can you imagine a wedding version of this video (Level 2)? And how adorable it would be when you add a little Migs or Oyen to the mix (Level 3)?

MIGS OYEN PRENUP from filterpan on Vimeo.

Do you know of any unique prenup or wedding videos? We’d love to see them and feature them here. Just send the videos to us through our submit page . Can’t wait to see them!

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