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Selfless Wedding: Why Watching This Video Will Bring You To Tears

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Both full of God’s love, they chose to celebrate the most important day of their lives by inviting strangers to their “selfless wedding”.

We’ve seen how weddings change people; especially the two people proclaiming their love for each other through tying the knot and sealing their two bodies into one.

We’ve seen the magic, the miracle of how the ceremony, the vows, the intimacy, and the covenant transform the couple standing in front of everyone…

But this specific wedding took my breath away for it transformed not just the lives of the bride and groom but the lives of every single person who attended their big day.

Other couples choose to make their special day unique through innovative ideas for pre-nuptials, SDEs or sizing up the preparation, the venues, the dresses, bouquets and catering service. But these two lovebirds had a different idea of a ‘special day,’ it wasn’t just their special day, they decided to share it with so many people.

They dedicated three days inviting bar girls to their nuptials because they wanted them to experience God’s love through their wedding, their plan was to take these ‘yet to be saved girls’ to meet the girls in the process of healing and has already been saved.

“If [we] are gonna be married in the Philippines, [we] should invite bar girls, girls who have not been rescued, to the wedding and let them meet girls that have been rescued and in a journey of healing,” Randall explained in the video.

“God will do a great thing and Jesus will be around, we are gonna serve the girls today and we are gonna do our best to represent to them what Jesus would be today,” he explained.

Their venue was not your usual spectacular, shining and glamorous church, it was an old Church in Angeles City that has been wrecked and not yet restored. For them, this church that displays the wide array of the heavens above because it had no roof was like “God showing [them] things about open heavens and that we can experience heaven on this earth.”

In the most important day of Randall’s and Melissa’s life as a couple, together they chose to serve their guests, carried out the significant washing of the feet, praying and singing and worshiping. This day was a monumental day indeed, a day that marked their new life as husband and wife – a day also, that marked the renewed lives of their guests… how is this for an unforgettable wedding?

Here’s the Video of their love-filled wedding day:

RANDALL & MELISSA WEDDING from filterpan on Vimeo.

Because they were first loved by God, they chose to give love back to the people who never had it. This is the message of the cross. This is God’s love through Jesus portrayed. Love that takes all the sins of the world, Love that restores, Love that chose to die on the cross so we may live…

To all those soon-to-be wedded couples, how do you want your wedding to be remembered?


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  • Aqib Nazir

    Wedding is really such an awesome wedding. I got married last year in July and blessed with a beautiful baby boy 13 days ago. I can’t thank enough.

  • Jen

    Wow they really did such a remarkable idea in doing their wedding. It was extraordinary and I love how they celebrated their wedding.

  • What a great story! I was sincerely moved and I’m so happy there’s still people on this planet who want to make the world a better place! I’m definitely sharing this story with my friends. Thank you for posting it!

  • WOW! Imagine how they could have thought of inviting the less fortunate and to be wed in a ruin – that is what it is, that church. Melissa, in tears, sobbing while speaking, speaks from the heart. Incredible faith and truly inspiring. A marriage to be remembered.

  • Such people like Randall and Melissa exist? S o thoughtful and noble to think of the marginalized people on their D Day. May God be with this couple for innumerable years!

  • Very inspiring marriage, I love how two people can be so in love. I hope this can truly last. I believe so anyways. I think when two people love each other truly, they can overcome anything, but they both need to want it and they both need to try it and fight for it.

  • I think it’s great that they wanted to help other people on their wedding. You hear so many stories of “bridezillas” or conspicuous consumption at weddings. But these two put others before themselves. A great story of what real love and faith can accomplish.

  • That is so beautiful. They have such pure hearts to even think of helping others through their wedding. Most people are more self-centered (not saying that is a bad thing!) on their wedding and call it their day but she was able to reach out and make a difference. Definitely a wedding to be remembered!

  • Wow! Such a generous and loving couple! Those ladies are blessed to be invited to their wedding. 🙂 May God bless their union.

  • Faith in humanity restored! I hope they still continue being good people and showing others that it’s not bad to be generous to others. 🙂

  • What a beautiful wedding and inspired idea. Weddings are focused on making everything perfect for the bride and groom. It’s nice that they chose to share it with less unfortunate. Hopefully this becomes an example for others.

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