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Things You Should Never Say To Your Wedding Photographer

Ever had one of those awkward moments and you hear crickets because of the silence between you and your photographer during a shoot?

Or that moment when you’re just checking out his works and you blurt out something you thought was a compliment? Well, think again. To avoid those kinds of situations, we asked Filipino wedding photographers to share their real experiences of awkward things clients/people tell them.

Here’s a list of things you should never say to a photographer:



Uhm. Thanks? Wait, was that really a compliment? Are you really saying that the camera was the main reason why the shot came out wonderful?  Why not compliment the talent on taking the photo? REMEMBER: It’s the photographer you are paying for, not the camera.



Okay wait — this might make your photographer think, “Does this mean I’m a second option? Uhhm, thanks a lot for the vote of confidence?”. You hired them for a reason; you saw something in their work. Trust them and work with them to come up with captured memories of a lifetime! No need to let them know they aren’t your first choice.


Imagine this: While the couple is having their portrait shoot after the ceremony, a man on a motorbike rushes in and shouts at your group. It turns out, it’s the father-of-the-bride. And he says,


That’s a really great way to compromise the photos of the wedding. You did pay them, so photographers would want to give it their best – give them the time. Don’t worry, the photographers are trained to keep time in check. Remember: Art takes time!



That’s a very good question!…Not! I didn’t know that photographers should be trained to answer Miss Universe questions just to get a client. They have their portfolio and previous work as proof of their talents. It shows their skill – that should be proof enough of why you should hire them. Rather than asking them, just ask the people you know who have worked with them.



I’m sorry; Photography and Cosmetic Surgery are 2 very different things. A photographer can only do as much as finding your best angle under the right lighting against a perfect background. It would also be much better if you proudly show who you are and embrace your own personal beauty! You don’t need edits and surgeries to be beautiful! You already are.



Ouch! This is one of the worst comments you could say. Not all beautiful shots are because of edits. Professional Photographers have the ability to freeze a moment and present the unseen beauty of things without the need for an editing software – most photos are raw shots taken in the perfect time, perfect place.



Well, okay, good for you then! Would you want to take your own photo?



Whoa there, ‘just wedding photography’? JUST? Nope. Nu-uh. You do not say this is just wedding photography and you should not imply that it’s easy. It’s a different level of photography skills to capture a once in a lifetime event as it happens. It takes precision, talent, patience and quick-thinking to succeed as a professional wedding photographer!


Upon interviewing renowned professionals from 12 Masters Photography, Marked Lab, Law Tapalla Photography, Fine and Dainty, Hedgehog Studios, Ricky+Jean Photography, I’ve learned a little more about the world of wedding photography.

I was told about the ups and downs of the job, the thrill and unforgettable moments – even the struggles, awkward and epic moments! It really is fun to talk and converse with people about their daily grind at work, it helps us see in a better light: that what they do when they love doing it is simply spectacular. I hope this list helps everyone get to know a little more of ‘their wedding photographers’.

Cheers to awkward-free photo shoots and conversations!

(Stay tuned for the part 2: What not to say to your wedding photographer: Untold Awkward Scenes Revealed!)

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  • Kat

    I saw a set of memes similar to this one. 🙂 Well I suppose experienced wedding photographers are used to these by now and I hope they wouldn’t take it personally. A lot of people really don’t know much about photography but think they do because it’s so easy to buy a camera nowadays. It’s just the way it is. Good reminders, still.

  • Amazing tips, this is an eye opener to those who underestimated the people they hire, all we need to do is to trust the people we hire especially for wedding, these words can indeed break the confidence of a person, as a makeup artist, it would be very helpful if my clients trust me, thanks for sharing

  • I just couldn’t help but ROFL upon point #5 😀
    All points well taken for my reference in the near future 🙂

  • The #1 is something I remembered from the photography workshop I attended at Raffles Design Institute. I was a bit hesitant to join the free workshop because I only have a camera phone, though good quality Sony Xperia Z1 while the other participants have dslr. The instructor’s opening statement was, “a good photo is not about the camera. it’s the photographer”

  • I just couldn’t help but ROFL upon point #5 🙂 All the points are so valid and true. One would never want to hurt the emotions of a photographer as it’s their profession…Well put; useful for my reference in the near future

  • Rowena Rose Conde

    Those list are really offending specially #2. Laugh out loud on please take off my pimples, fats… seriously!?! ahhahhah

  • I have to agree and laugh at this: Photography and Cosmetic Surgery are 2 very different things. This is true. I am familiar with photography and using editing software. Both were part of my curriculum back in college. I hate it when people complain because they look ‘ugly’ in photos. If I already feel mad, how much more are professional wedding photographers?

  • Spot on. Some of these statements actually apply to many other creatives.

    Oh yeah, I think #2 is just plain rude.

  • Kim

    I laughed so hard at reason # 5. This are some great tips for clients because sometimes they need to be reminded that the photographers talent is the one factor to a great shot. No one should be compared to another photographer. The client should also understand the pacing of each even on a time constrained environment.

  • These are a great summary of the worst things to say. I’m not a photographer but I am sensitive to know enough not to say these things. Also, it’s the photographer and not the camera that captures those shots!