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PUNtastic Proposal: Will You Mere Me?

pun-tastic proposal

When you’ve got that line already set in  your head, it’s only a matter of time before you finally pop that PUNtastic Proposal!

So this is the story of Nemo and Meredith’s proposal at this very beautiful church in Spain as a background. Pretty romantic right? Now Nemo’s challenge was how to execute his plan and we all know how nerve-wracking it is for guys to just make everything perfect, let alone worry about their gf’s saying “YES”.

puntastic proposal, basilica de la sagrada familia

Basílica de la Sagrada Família


So we asked both Nemo and Meredith what was going through their mind that time and here’s what they said:


“This proposal was really 6 months in the making. Being a pun-atic (pun intended), I already had the pun “Will you Mere me?” for as long as I can remember. By stroke of luck (or fate), I was able to join Mere in Spain for a medical oncology convention. The night before we went to Barcelona, I had already talked to my accomplice, Bea (who was one of our junior medical residents accompanying us) and laid out the plan. She was clearly ecstatic and surprised at the same time! She was in fact the first person to know of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

We had agreed that she would be bringing the small chalkboard where I wrote my pun proposal. The funny thing was, she had no bags big enough to hold it entirely. Mere would also have been suspicious as to why Bea were to carry a big bag while touring Barcelona. She just told Mere that she was bringing the bag for “shopping”.

We took the Barcelona bus tour and while everyone was enjoying the sights and sounds, I was clearly nervous and had all sorts of animals inside my stomach (more than butterflies, mind you!). We had to cancel the rest of the tour so that I can propose in front of the Sagrada Família in the afternoon, where the lighting was best. I created the ruse that we were taking solo pictures of each other in front of the façade. When it was my turn, I brought out the chalkboard (sticking out of Bea’s bag the whole time!) and the rest was history!

Doing a marriage proposal is surely one of the most memorable things a guy would ever have to do in his life. Doing so in a foreign land, in front of foreign people is even more surreal! Next stop: our wedding. And after that? Hopefully come back in 2026 when construction finishes! Who knows, we might recreate another wonderful proposal there!”

puntastic proposal

Nemo , pulling out a black cardboard from the bag

puntastic proposal

“Will you MERE me?”

Now to hear about Mere’s reaction, here’s what she said:


Nemo and I are both doctors and we’ve been together for more than 3 years. We went to Valencia, Spain for a medical convention. But of course, we just had to go sightseeing during our free time as well! It was both our first time to set foot in Europe, and we both agreed that the Basílica de la Sagrada Família was a must-see so arrangements to go to Barcelona were made along with our dear colleague Bea (who later on turned out to be the accomplice). We took the Barcelona City Tour and already passed by the basilica in the morning. I said that we should continue on until the farthest stops of the tour because I also wanted to see Park Güell. However, being a leisure photographer, he said that we should instead return to the basilica in the afternoon for better pictures as the sunlight will be less harsh by that time. I wasn’t suspecting anything unusual at this point. After all, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and any photographer would really want to take good pictures of it.

So after having lunch, we went back to the Sagrada Família to take more pictures. After a few shots, Nemo requested Bea to take another solo shot of him. He then started taking something out of Bea’s extra bag (the accomplice had been lugging this all along, which I also didn’t suspect to contain anything out of the ordinary). He had a hard time pulling a black object out of it. At this point, I was already feeling nervous because of his unusual behavior. I was like, “What is he doing?!” Then, out came a small blackboard with the question “Will you MERE me?” which he had worked on the night before leaving Manila. And the rest is history. Looking forward to the day when #NemoGetsMered!

Note: Mere is my nickname and my fiancé is a big fan of corny puns.

puntastic proposal

Surprised Meredith and Nemo putting the ring on Mere

puntastic proposal

Watch out for #NemoGetsMered

puntastic proposal

(Our accomplice) Bea, Mere and Nemo

Now, that’s another successful wedding proposal right? Thanks to accomplices like Bea who made this possible.

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