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Dreamy Prenup : A Soiree For Two at Alta Veranda

Dreamy Prenup, Proudrad, Tipping Point Collective

From a modern day belle to an ethereal princess, this timeless, dreamy prenup highlights different romantic looks on soon-to-be bride Sheena while exquisitely paired with her future husband, Rocky.

The couple describes their prenup theme to be dreamy, whimsical & romantic. For this, they chose Alta Veranda De Tibig in Silang, Cavite as their backdrop. They found this place to have a unique, romantic vibe with a classy & elegant ambiance.

One won’t really wonder why this couple chose such a theme. Because who wouldn’t want a timeless, dreamy prenup? But it seems this theme was chosen not for the sake of its lovely, romantic vibe.

“I chose this theme because I want it to represent us simple, classy and elegant.”. 

I can’t help but admire Sheena’s subtle yet elegant transformations for each set in this timeless dreamy prenup. While it seems that Sheena had the final word on the theme for their prenup, it speaks volumes of how Rocky loves & adores her future wife.

I think I understand where Sheena’s coming from with this decision for their theme. I can imagine how their close friends, who knew the couple well, would say, ‘This is so Rocky & Sheena!’. It would be awesome to have family & friends say this about one’s engagement photos, but I guess, the best reaction would still be ‘This is so us!’.

Sheena shared with us their experience with this prenup and this is what she has to say:

“A bit tiring but seeing the result makes us feel that everything was worth it. It makes us want to do the whole photoshoot again.”

Of course, they have their suppliers to thank for such a satisfying timeless, dreamy prenup.

“I would like to commend Tipping Point Collective on how they were very attentive about how I look. Very sisterly sila. Also, I highly appreciate that my wedding designer Pat Santos lent me one of her gowns…I must say that you really have to trust your suppliers. And let them work their magic.”

Let them work their magic indeed. One of the amazing things about prenup sessions is that little element of surprise for the couple.  This is when they get to see themselves from a different lens after a few hours or a long tiring day of shooting. It may be a bit differently made up & dressed version of themselves but still capturing their essence as a couple nonetheless.

Supplier Spotligth: Photography : Proudrad | Styling: Tipping Point Collective | Location: Alta Veranda De Tibig | Hair & Makeup : July Avellana | Prenup Gown : Patricia Santos.

I can’t say which of the sets I like best, but for sure I can say I love all of Sheena’s dresses & gowns in this timeless, dreamy prenup. What’s your favorite in this set?

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