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Charitable Wedding: 5 Ways to Give Back on Your Big Day

 December 24, 2016

It’s become a popular tradition among friends, families, and even workplaces to hold an outreach activity during Christmas season.  It’s our way of giving thanks for our blessings the past year—and for THE only blessing we will ever need.  But Christmas isn’t the only time you can give back.  Why not make your big day more memorable and meaningful by having a charitable wedding too?

Of course, most weddings already cost the couple so much.  But there are ways to have a charitable wedding without incurring any extra expenses.  Now if that isn’t a heavenly deal, we don’t know what is!

5 Simple Tips for A Charitable Wedding

charitable wedding & bridal shower
Here’s a bridal shower even your flower girls can attend!

1. Volunteer Party

Bridal showers and stag parties often occur in various levels of censorship.  But here’s an option that’s sure to be fun for both the prudes and party girls in your entourage.  Organize an outreach activity with a foundation of your choice!  Most are sorely lacking in volunteers from January to November—your presence will definitely be much appreciated.  You don’t have to plan your own program either.  Instead, ask them what kind of help they need, whether it’s building houses or helping bathe and feed the elderly.  And in lieu of shower gifts for the bride or groom, have your group pitch in to provide the institution with the supplies they need or easily run out of. 

2. Do Someone A Favour

An easy way to have a charitable wedding is by forsaking the traditional wedding favours and donating the money you would have spent on them to a good cause instead.  You could explain what you had done on your invitation, place cards, or maybe at the registration table at the reception.  But if you insist on providing giveaways for your entourage or guests, you can also consciously choose products from social enterprises that assist the less privileged.  The Gift & Graces website is a good place to start.

Bring color into someone else’s life. Flowers by Dave Sandoval.

3. Deliver Your Flowers

Every wedding has flowers—at the altar, in the bride’s hands, or on the tables.  Whether you go with fresh ones or non-floral bouquets and arrangements, you can give them a second life by having them delivered to a home for the aged or a nearby hospital after the wedding.  There’s nothing like flowers to cheer anyone up!

4. Save the Leftovers

Everyone knows that there are tons of leftover food from wedding receptions.  It’s our Filipino hospitality that insists on never running out of food for our guests.  So what happens to the leftovers? If you bring it home, it’ll ruin your waistline, your blood sugar, your cholesterol level, and so on.  But if you don’t, it might just end up getting thrown in landfills and producing more of those greenhouse gasses we hate so much.  If you’re intent on having a charitable wedding, have the food packed and give it away to the homeless or an orphanage.  Generosity tastes better than one-week old-pasta, we’re sure of it!

charitable wedding - loan your dress
Make another bride too! Gown by Joe San Antonio.

5. Loan Your Dress

How many brides actually follow the tradition of wearing their mother’s wedding gowns?  If you wanted to choose your own dress, perhaps your future daughter would too.  Don’t let such a pretty thing rot in a box in your storage closet ’til death do you part!  If you can’t bear to say goodbye to it, consider loaning it to a bride with a much smaller budget.  Go to your local church and let them know that your dress is on loan for any woman getting married in the next mass wedding—provided you’re the same size, of course!  Now your gown isn’t just part of one charitable wedding but two!

There you go—five easy ways to infuse your wedding with that Christmas spirit, no matter what month of the year.  Add a few more and they might just start calling you Santa Claus.  Not such a bad thing, if you ask us.  

Would you ever consider having a charitable wedding? Why or why not? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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