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How To Maximize Wedding Fairs In A Day

wedding fairs

Wedding fairs are such a big help for soon-to-weds as they go about preparing details and hunting for suppliers.

What could be better than having a variety of wedding suppliers all under one roof?

While this is just amazing, it can be quite overwhelming too, believe me. Imagine going to a place where there are at least a hundred wedding suppliers to check out. But then, despite the fact that wedding fairs normally last 2-3 days, it’s likely that a couple would get to attend only a day of the fair due to busy schedules. Combing through hundreds of suppliers in one day with the self-imposed pressure of finding the perfect ones is not necessarily a walk in the park.

We’d like you to be able to make the most of your time & energy during this part of your wedding preparation. So, especially for those doing all the planning on their own, here are a few tips on how you can maximize wedding fairs:

1) Prepare your list of suppliers to check out

Before going to a wedding fair, be sure to do a bit of research to know which suppliers you would like to get to know more. Having your choice suppliers in mind helps give you focus on what to prioritize when you get to the venue. Best to zero in on going to the suppliers you want to get to know more first, then move on to other suppliers that catch your attention if you’re still undecided.

2) Set your criteria

While you might have your top supplier in mind, it would be good to think about who your other options could be in the event that they won’t be available on your wedding day. So, it’s important to also set your criteria for why you want to consider or book certain suppliers (ie, quality of work, products, rates, how accommodating they are, how comfortable you are with them, etc). You’ll need these criteria to decide if you’re top choice is indeed the right one for you or which of your options you’d best go with.

3) Set your budget

Normally, each supplier would have a promo or discount if you book during the wedding fair. Best to know what budget you can set for each supplier so that it won’t be difficult for you to make the decision of booking on the day itself and end up being assured that you indeed were able to get good value from that booking.

You can also take advantage of the discounts and promos to be able to allocate funds to other, more costly expenses for the wedding. Remember though, if it doesn’t fit your budget, don’t force it.

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4) Allot at least one full day

Block off one day or a portion of that day just to visit the fair and meet the suppliers. You can gather all brochures in the morning, have lunch while checking the brochures, and decide who to book in the afternoon. You don’t want to endure the hassle of braving the traffic another day just to book your supplier.

5) Book that Supplier 

Don’t hesitate to book a supplier if you find one that already fits your criteria — you already really like them, their schedule is still open for your wedding day and fits your budget. etc. Don’t be one of the many who cried over the regret of putting off booking a supplier to think about it some more and come back only to be told that someone has already booked them on the same date of your wedding.

Now, you see, the key is really is to come prepared. Especially if you’re at a crucial stage of filling up all the suppliers you need. If you have a bit more time to prepare, you can first attend one wedding fair and leisurely go around the supplier booths to get to know the different suppliers, then apply these tips for your second trip to the fair as your wedding date nears.

So what other tips would you like to add for other soon-to-weds? We’d like to hear them.

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  • This is really a timely post since most lovers plan ahead for about a year to make sure they can afford the budget. But one of the challenge besides the budget is looking for a suitable and reliable supplier for most of the people I knew who had wedding. Hopefully, there is a guide about that somewhere.

    • Hi Jerwel, I totally agree with you. Finding a suitable and reliable supplier is really hard especially if you don’t know where to look at. We’ve met a lot of couples who regretted why they picked certain suppliers for their wedding simply because they’re cheap and offers a lot of freebies. That’s one of the reasons why we started this website. To educate soon-to-weds on how to choose their suppliers and help them prepare for their wedding.

  • Great tips, Dominic. I am not sure but I think once I saw a wedding fair here at Shangri-La. It is a great way for people to save time as everything they need are already there… of course, the choices are far more than that. We know the best source of wedding related info is RIGHT HERE on this blog. #AmazingLifeDaily

  • nicolepaler

    This post brings me back to the time when my husband and I were planning for our own wedding. Too bad that we didn’t know more about these wedding fairs, and hence we relied on the internet to scour up some amazing but budget friendly reception and catering for our wedding. This post is quite timely as most soon to be wed couples are allotting at least a year for their own preparations.

  • Rene Leanda

    well of course the special date would be more enjoyable and memorable if the couple is worry about the preparation for their wedding. This is a useful guide to have it properly done. But you really have to get that one reliable supplier, and I agree a wedding fair is one good place to shop among the wedding suppliers.. http://freelancerphilippines

  • Klaudias Corner

    Your tips , ideas and guides are simply excellent ! I have seen so many of your amazing post , never get disappointed by visiting your site !

    Are you actually married ? I bet you must have had truly the most wonderful day in your life , if so.

  • Nilyn EC Matugas

    I never had the chance to visit a wedding fair before our wedding, for so many reasons. One of those is we’re in the metro, working and the wedding is held in the province. So most of my inquiries were either made online or via phone. Ours was a simple wedding, we didn’t have that much budget for a huge and grand celebration. Nevertheless, it was still one of the happiest days of our lives.

  • Yogo Cream

    I absolutely agree with all the tips you’ve mentioned. Those are what we did when we went to a wedding fair last January/ February in preparation for my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. We just returned since we’re not the ones who is paying for the wedding. This blog post is indeed really helpful. I think to add to this. Check out the kind of wedding fair one is attending to whether it is one where most suppliers are low-end, mid-range, or high-end. This is so not to waste time also in attending. I’ve seen that there are different organizers of wedding fairs. – Me-An Clemente

  • Xavier B

    Those a great tips. Handy and straight forward post, this very useful. I don’t know a lot about weddings, I didn’t even attend to one. I know that with my girlfriend we’ll want a small and private wedding with only the few people that are close to us

  • Anna Plaida

    This is our regret seven years ago when we are preparing for our wedding, we are not able to go to the wedding fair. I searched thru online and blogs only its late for me to realize that I must go to the fair. Never the less my wedding is not an epic fail 🙂 thanks for sharing your tips

  • Milton Coyne

    I have never been to wedding fair but this made me realized that preparing for a wedding is really a long process huh…there are so many things to consider and you really have to plan it even those simple details! Well I can’t blame them, I myself would like a wonderful and memorable wedding and I wouldn’t mind spending hours and days to prepare for this very special day! But for now… i need to work on my love life first to make this dream possible haha

  • Any couple who would want to get married needs to take a look at this post (and this blog). Great tips that not everyone shares. I may be too young to be looking at this but fantasizing about your dream wedding has been there ever since girls were born. HAHAHA

  • Carola

    Great list! You really need to be prepared. I’ve never been to a wedding fairs. But have been to other fairs/ events. Often these events are HUGE. Then you need to be sure about what you want in order not to miss out. Love your tip about getting all the brochures and then check these out during lunch! It allows you to eat something as well :). Usually on event days I’m so busy that I forget to eat or drink.

  • This list is a must read for couples planning to be wed in a given time. Being organized is a must to prevent hassles and stress. Very helpful.

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