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Two-In-One Wedding in Bataan: Jego & Precious

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While weddings are really about the union of two souls into one, this wedding of Jego & Precious is a different kind of two-in-one wedding.

Theirs is the kind where they had two types of weddings on the same day. They had a Catholic Christian wedding at the Residencia Sacerdotal Guadalupe Church followed by a Non-Catholic Christian wedding at the Crown Royale Hotel where they also held the reception.


Indeed, love is strong despite some differences as long as you have a common love for the  Lord. As Jego & Precious would describe their relationship:

“Our love story is just a testimony of how gracious and loving God can be”


Aside from their faith in God, something common between them that strengthens their bond is their athletic nature. With Jego a basketball player and Precious a tennis varsity player, sports is a common passion they share.  It’s also just so apt that their love story began with a triathlon. It could also very much be a very good foundation or starting point for a relationship. Imagine seeing each other at your most challenging times, striving and persevering to reach a goal all, there must be some pressure experienced at some point. A good acid test could also be the fact that they’ve probably already seen each other at their sweatiest & ‘tired-est’ at the onset of their relationship. But seeing how gorgeous this couple is, I’m pretty sure they still look great even when they’re sweaty & tired.

Athletics being a special passion they share together, they had a triathlon theme for their wedding. Check out Precious’ bridal shoes & their invites in the photos. What we love about this themed wedding is how it still has an elegant & romantic feel despite the sporty touch.


 Their tip for other soon-to-weds is simple yet significant.

“Pray to God all the time to guide you each step of the way. Enjoy the experience and personalize your wedding.”

Surely, this tip makes for not only having a wonderful wedding day but an amazing married life as well.

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Supplier Spotlight: Coordination : Creatif Design Teams | Photography: Jun Garcia Photography | Videography: Digital Shots Production by Arvin Lagonoy | Hair & Makeup : Barbara Bennet


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