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Alden And Maine: The Best is Yet to Come

Alden and Maine, Manny & April Photography

“Sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy”.

(“No matter how long the procession is, it all leads to the Church.”)

A familiar Philippine Proverb used for things or people who have gone through a lot and in the end gets the highlight of their life.

In AlDub’s case, it’s “Sa hinaba-haba ng kalye serye, sa simbahan din ang tuloy.” 


Kalye Serye is one of Eat Bulaga’s programs where Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and Alden (Richard Faulkerson Jr) became an accidental love team. Fans, co-workers, and producers noticed these two’s chemistry and instantly gained following – both online and offline. Now, Maine and Alden are finally engaged! Here are their prenup photos from Manny and April Photography.


AlDub’s engagement session photos were taken in San Juan along Valencia street. The concept of their prenup came from Event Laboratory Events Management which was funny, bubbly, classic with a modern twist and romantic. It was very fitting since the two met in kalye serye with the “isaw” (chicken intestines), jeep and tricycle as their props. The couple in a white room with balloons were enough to show off their crowd-pleasing star quality. A Classic garden shoot with the couple adding their modern style. And lastly, the two dressed in their wedding gown and suit to tease their fans on what’s to come.


We asked both Manny and April how Maine and Alden were during the shoot, and here’s what they said:

“Alden is undeniably guwapo while Maine is the pretty and bubbly type of lady. Despite their success, both remain very down to earth and kind to everyone around them. No wonder… fans adore them a lot.”


It’s hard enough meeting celebrities of their caliber without getting overly star-struck, let alone asking them to pose and shooting them, but Manny and April couldn’t help but have a field day with these two.

“To be honest, it was hard to stay calm and composed at first. When we started shooting, we realized that they are normal, just like everybody else. 🙂 They were playing around, had a lot of funny antics and spread all their good energy that made the shoot easy and heartfelt.”

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Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: Manny and April Photography | Coordinator: Event Laboratory Events Management
What do you think about their prenup? Totohanan na ba? or Kunwarian lang?
One thing is for sure, we hope Frankie Arenolli is not around the corner…

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  • AngeliePangilinan

    Loled at myself! I thought they were actually getting married for real. Hahaha! Your post has got me google about their engagement. My sister and I used to watch them a lot last year and I can remember us being so kilig over them. 🙂

  • They surely seem completely in love! I have to be honest, I actually didn’t know they were a couple. I thought they were just onscreen love teams like the rest of the love teams. I was actually surprised! Haha. But I am happy for them. They always look so happy together~ May forever! <3

    xoxo, G

  • We were crazed by their antics on Kalye Serye and we were really watching them almost everyday, if we missed, we would catch up via YT. Isn’t it that there was a word that they were dating? Nevertheless, their chemistry is undeniable. And all the photos look gorgeous. ?

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    The photos are so good… I wish I had these photos taken when I got married… but we could not afford it.. huhuhuhu… Alden and Maine look so good and compatible together they should be together for real…

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  • Channel Imperial

    They are such a cute couple! No wonder the entire Philippines is enamored with them. In person, they are both flawless and good looking. Love the isaw pic!

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