Holiday Travel Prenup at Sydney: Ricky & Cathy

 July 6, 2017

Knowing is winning half the battle. The same is true when it comes to preparing for your own engagement session. Ricky & Cathy was sure about having a holiday travel prenup, so they were able to prepare the details of their shoot based on that.

“Our theme was a Travel Diary of our holiday, so we planned our spots to capture some key things we do when we travel which are to get some air somewhere close to nature, go out for coffee in a quirky place, go for a walk around the streets, and go for a night out which are mainly the elements you’ll see in our photos 

We love how deliberate Ricky & Cathy’s preparation for their prenup was. They specifically chose a destination wedding photographer and came up with a moodboard outlining the sets, locations & pegs they wanted for their holiday travel prenup. And they chose a location that they would both be visiting for the first time.

“The most fun we’ve ever had is when we went out of the country for holiday. For the prenup, we decided to do it in Sydney, which was a place we’ve never been in, so we get to capture the lovely feeling we have when we travel”

Having been together for 8 years, you can say Ricky & Cathy knows how to work & have fun together. Yes soon-to-weds, preparing for your prenup entails a bit of work but it will always be fun! And don’t worry, because the suppliers you get are also there to help you even as you prepare. Here’s how their ‘knotters’ helped them with theirs.

“Matt Lee Shoots who specializes in destination photography was our photographer. He planned our shoot itinerary and took our amazing photos. Style by Kiz was our stylist and she planned and provided us with wonderful outfits for all our looks in the prenup” 

The extent of work suppliers do may help you in the preparation stage may vary from one supplier to another so best to really discuss these with them and ask about details they can help you with as part of their service so that your expectations of each other is clear. Then you’d be set thave a memorable engagement session as Ricky & Cathy had with their Holiday Travel prenup.

“It was a very memorable experience for us as a couple from planning where to go, to actually already being there and enjoying our time with each other as we pose for our photographs. That would not have happened without our cool suppliers who really made sure that our day will be perfect, from meeting us well in advance to discuss our vision for the prenup to bringing it to life. We enjoyed working with them so much and without them, we wouldn’t have this amazing memory.”

Of course, you can only do so much when planning something you will be doing for the first time. As with Ricky & Cathy, there were some details that they wished they were able to incorporate looking back on what they did for their Holiday Travel prenup.

“We felt that we could have brought a few more props and some items that mean something to us during the prenup session. It would have been really nice to inject a lot more of who we are as a couple in the photos. Like bringing her favorite flowers with us or bringing in my usual coffee cup to be part of our prenup shoot.”

Interestingly, the prenup experience also serves as a lesson for the couple which you soon-to-weds planning your own engagement session could ponder on as well.

“We felt that the prenup actually prepares you for the actual wedding wherein all the small pieces tie in together to a big memorable day that you can go back to over and over again for the rest of your life.” 

As a prelude to what could happen during your wedding day, this also includes the possibility of maybe forgetting or missing out on a detail you wanted included. When that happens, remind ourselves that it’s the essence of wedding that you will take with you and not the little wedding details.

Supplier Spotlight: Photography – Matt Lee Shoots | Styling – Style by Kiz

Don’t you just love this holiday travel prenup? If you were to have your own holiday prenup, where would you like to have yours? 

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