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Friendship, Made More Special : Jeric & Hannah Prenup

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One of the sweetest romance we know nowadays can be heard from a line of a song : “Im lucky that I’m inlove with my bestfriend..” Jeric and Hannah found just that in their friendship turned to love.

“We had been friends for four years before we got together.. “

Some of the perks when love starts from friendship are being able to just be yourself and enjoy what you truly love doing. Fate let Jeric and Hannah find each other and be in each other’s company to do just that.

“We lived life just as it is — together. And we love it that way. We walked the city hand in hand and that was enough for us.”

From as simple as buying milk teas in convenience stores to simply being with each other. Walking hand in hand while doing their errands comprises their dates. Jeric and Hannah found their romance in these simplest forms.

Street Photography

The couple decided to have this as their theme since it showcased what they usually do on their dates.

“We felt it was unique but also because we felt that it represented our relationship. “

Jeric and Hannah sealed their special travels together around the city through their Prenuptial Photoshoot by wearing a suit and a gown. Amidst the smoke, heat, pollution, and swarm of people in cities, they decided to capture their precious moments together in its classic form. Together they bought snacks on the streets and convenience stores, visited city landmarks, and talked with people and children along the way as they usually do. They even discovered a parking attendant who has been doing his job for 25 years!

“The prenup experience was amazing. It was just us, one of the best men (who helped us with moving around the locations and with other such tasks) and one of the bridesmaids (who did makeup) and ProudRad (photography supplier).”

Having a lot of suppliers in your Prenup Photoshoot is unnecessary as long as you have the right tools, equipment, and attitude. Jeric and Hannah had all that they needed which were all worked in harmony to accomplish their task at hand. Some had even suggested better options during the photoshoot.

“They understood what we wanted, our vision and concept. We had canvassed the area but ProudRad chose particular spots we did not even think of and the resulting shots were more beautiful than what we envisioned and imagined.”

Couple’s tips for this theme:

  1. Keep everyone hydrated.

Since all will be exposed to heat and pollution of the outdoors and of city life most of the day, it is best to bring lot of fluids for everyone.

  1. Have a standby hair and makeup stylist.

Their bridesmaid who did their makeup for the photoshoot was only available before the shoot. Thus, after being exposed to heat and pollution for the whole day, their makeup had faded by afternoon.

Supplier Spotlight: Venue: Escolta, Manila, the Binondo Arc and surrounding areas | Theme: Street Photography | Suit: Armani Exchange | Gown : Kimi Go | Photo : ProudRad

Sometimes it’s in the ordinary, mundane things that you find what could be truly ‘special’. Just take at what Jeric & Hannah found through their friendship.

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