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A Grand Travel Themed Twins Debut Celebration You Will Surely Love

Twins Debut, Metrophoto

We’re happy to announce that we have a new section up on our website and we’re launching it with this grand Twins Debut.

While The Top Knotters mainly features wedding related events, we’ve thought of adding a section on another milestone in one’s life that we can pretty much say are prepared for and celebrated in a way that’s ‘Just Like Weddings’. And that is ‘Debuts’.

So, as we launch this new section, we’re featuring a grand and unique debut celebration as captured by Oly Ruiz and his Metrophoto Team. What makes this unique is that it’s a debut celebration for twins, not twin girls but that of girl-boy twins, Gail & Giann. It’s a testament to how inseparable twins can get. Because while boys normally won’t have their own debut celebration until they’re 21, Gail requested to have her brother Giann be a main celebrant for their 18th birthday as well.

Theirs was a travel-themed debut celebration, but not just any ordinary travel-themed party. You’ll see how this is definitely a grand one. Even Oly of Metrophoto admits in his blog that he hasn’t seen a debut celebration of this scale. This is how he described the event.

“We have a towering replica of the Eiffel Tower right smack in the middle of the biggest ballroom in the Philippines complemented by the world’s other iconic structures such as The Stature of Liberty, The Petronas Towers, The Louvre, and many more. There was even a life-size helicopter that was built for Giann’s grand entrance. I haven’t even mentioned the production numbers, the cocktail set-up, the twins’ wardrobes, the design of the tunnel leading to the event, and yes the raffles prizes that included brand new iPhone 7s and vacation packages. It was an event that was in a level of its own” – Oly Ruiz, Metrophoto

Just take a look at the photos for this amazing coming of age celebration. This is definitely meeting adulthood head on with a bang!

gail_giann_db0002 gail_giann_db0003 gail_giann_db0004 gail_giann_db0005 gail_giann_db0006 gail_giann_db0007 gail_giann_db0008 gail_giann_db0009 gail_giann_db0010 gail_giann_db0011 gail_giann_db0012 gail_giann_db0013 gail_giann_db0014 gail_giann_db0015 gail_giann_db0016 gail_giann_db0017 gail_giann_db0018 gail_giann_db0019 gail_giann_db0020 gail_giann_db0021 gail_giann_db0022 gail_giann_db0023 gail_giann_db0024 gail_giann_db0025 gail_giann_db0026 gail_giann_db0027 gail_giann_db0028 gail_giann_db0029 gail_giann_db0030 gail_giann_db0031gail_giann_db0032 gail_giann_db0033 gail_giann_db0034 gail_giann_db0035 gail_giann_db0036 gail_giann_db0037 gail_giann_db0038 gail_giann_db0039 gail_giann_db0040 gail_giann_db0041 gail_giann_db0042 gail_giann_db0043 gail_giann_db0044 gail_giann_db0045 gail_giann_db0046 gail_giann_db0047 gail_giann_db0048 gail_giann_db0049 gail_giann_db0050 gail_giann_db0051 gail_giann_db0052 gail_giann_db0053 gail_giann_db0054 gail_giann_db0055 gail_giann_db0056 gail_giann_db0057 gail_giann_db0058 gail_giann_db0059 gail_giann_db0060 gail_giann_db0061 gail_giann_db0062 gail_giann_db0063 gail_giann_db0064 gail_giann_db0065 gail_giann_db0066 gail_giann_db0067 gail_giann_db0068 gail_giann_db0069 gail_giann_db0070 gail_giann_db0071 gail_giann_db0072 gail_giann_db0073 gail_giann_db0074 gail_giann_db0075 gail_giann_db0076 gail_giann_db0077 gail_giann_db0078 gail_giann_db0079 gail_giann_db0080 gail_giann_db0081 gail_giann_db0082 gail_giann_db0083 gail_giann_db0084 gail_giann_db0085 gail_giann_db0086 gail_giann_db0087 gail_giann_db0088 gail_giann_db0089 gail_giann_db0090 gail_giann_db0091 gail_giann_db0092 gail_giann_db0093 gail_giann_db0094 gail_giann_db0095 gail_giann_db0096 gail_giann_db0097 gail_giann_db0098 gail_giann_db0099 gail_giann_db0100 gail_giann_db0101 gail_giann_db0102 gail_giann_db0103 gail_giann_db0104 gail_giann_db0105 gail_giann_db0106 gail_giann_db0107 gail_giann_db0108 gail_giann_db0109 gail_giann_db0110

Supplier Spotlight: Coordination: Christine Ong-Te | Gail’s Make-up: Mickey See | Gail’s Hair: Jay Wee | Giann’s Grooming: The Spoiled Groom | Wardrobe Styling: Jeff Galang | Designers: Mak Tumang/Jerome Salaya Ang/Maxie Cinco | Videography: Notion in Motion | Pre-debut Videography: Project Mayo 7 | Venue: Marriott Grand Ballroom | Event Stylist/Production Design: Gideon Hermosa/4th Wall | Musicians: 3rd Avenue/MPO | Emcees: Lia Guerrero/Eri Neeman | Lights and Sounds: High Impact and 10 inch | Video Mapping: Lamphouse Entertainment

Want to share your debut photos and videos like this travel themed twins debut celebration? Just send them over to us and we’d love to feature them.

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