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New York Postnup: A Little Bit of Heaven

New York Postnup, Red Stilettos Photography

There’s a saying that goes “Home is where the heart is”, but for Mac & Det, home is ‘a little bit of Heaven’.

For the past 10 years, “Home” has been the Big Apple for them. So as they celebrate their 10th year of marriage & prepare for their renewal of vows, they had for themselves a New York postnup photo session.

“We live, work and play in the New York and New Jersey area. We wanted to stay close to home and share a little bit of our life together through these pictures.”

Their photo session takes us around different locations in New York from The Met, the streets of Upper East Side Manhattan, Dumbo in Brooklyn and Jersey Shore’s Point Pleasant Beach. What I love about this set is how it just seems to document the couple’s day out around these areas. It feels fresh & laid back. I’m sure they’ll enjoy looking back on their photos from this New York postnup in the following years to come and recall this experience with fondness.


“(We had) so much fun. I would recommend BG in a heartbeat! It was just like a regular day hanging out and just spending time with a friend. BG really knows how to make people feel comfortable around her and we think it’s a big factor to producing great pictures.”


Here are Mac & Det’s tips for other couples planning their own prenup session:

  1. Make sure you get an experienced photographer

    We were blessed enough to know BG personally, but even if we didn’t know each other, she just has a way to make you feel comfortable and just be yourselves. 

  2. Bring small snacks and take a break for meals

    Because it can be an all-day session if you have different venues like we did (: but it was super fun! 

  3. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

    We wore clothes and shoes right out of our closets and it made a big difference in terms of comfort.

  4. Be  yourself.

    Don’t take it too seriously and just have fun with your loved one. It makes for better pictures.


True enough, the photos reflected how relaxed Mac & Det were for their New York Postnup. Going through the photos again, it seems their ‘little bit of Heaven’ isn’t just about being in New York which they’ve called home for some years now. Their ‘little bit of Heaven’ is actually each other.

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 Supplier Spotlight:  Photographer: Red Stilettos | Hair: The Dry Bar

What did you like most about this New York postnup?

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  • Wow! So romantic! The emotions have been framed so well. The locations look exotic!
    Best wishes for the life ahead!

  • The photos convey thousands of loving and meaningful words. Happiness and love are obviously present on their eyes. The photographer did a great job on bringing the best of both of them through images. Truly, it is a little bit of heaven. I feel like I fall in love once more by visiting this blog. 🙂

  • Carola K

    I love New York. Still planning on going there for a holiday. I love the tip ‘Be yourself’. It’s so nice to have these pictures and see really you. Not someone else, uncomfortable. But you, like you are. I really like the museum pictures. That’s a great idea. Of course the beach pictures are beautiful as well!