A Pre-Wedding Short Film That Will Make You Warm & Fuzzy Inside
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A Pre-Wedding Short Film That Will Make You Warm & Fuzzy Inside

Move over, SDE.  Wedding Shorts are here to stay.

Weddings have evolved so much that, in the last decade, one of the most highly anticipated segments of the wedding reception is the screening of the Wedding SDE (same day edit).  But in recent years, Pre-wedding shorts have also become increasingly popular.  These wedding shorts are short films produced prior to the wedding and, when done right, can leave audiences AKA their family and friends either in awe, in tears, or in pain from too much laughing.

Conceptualising a wedding short

Eman Escalona Jr. of Pixelfish Concept PH says they usually start by getting to know the personalities of the couple and use that as an inspiration for the storyline.  For the wedding short, “Ang Langit, Burger, at Ang Universe” with Dorms and Jane Espinosa, they decided to make a film to showcase the couple’s musical inclinations.  Jane was also camera-shy, so they wrote her role in such a way that she could still shine without having to act as much.  The couple also had a friend who was their “official third wheel” and who kept insisting on being a part of the film, so the team gladly included him too!

At the time of conceptualising for the wedding short, the couple and the team were all into burgers and food trucks.  They knew the kombi with pretty lights would be a cinematic sight at night, so that’s how the setting was created.

Writing the story

Once the concept has been agreed upon, the filmmaker/videographer (with his team) writes the initial story.  Afterwards, there is usually a sit-down meeting to tweak the screenplay.  For this specific wedding short, the groom drew inspiration from the final script to compose the original song too. #PilipinasGotTalent

Your weird friend will come in handy for your wedding short. Screencap from video by Pixelfish Concept PH

Your weird friend will come in handy for your wedding short. Screencap from video by Pixelfish Concept PH

Logistical Preparations

As in any film shoot, location, props, and even the bit players (usually the bibo family and friends of the bride/groom) need to be resourced so that the actual filming can take place as quickly and smoothly as possible on the day of the shoot.  For “Ang Langit, Burger, at Ang Universe”, filming took up an entire night!  Thankfully, they had plenty of burgers to make everyone happy.  (Maybe food should always be part of the concept, then?)

What else should couples consider?

Dorms and Jane Espinosa offer the following advice for couples who are also thinking of getting pre-wedding shorts done.

On choosing a supplier:

“Learn how your photo/video supplier works and check their previous work.  It helps that people recommend them. That creates a sense of assurance that clients are satisfied with their projects.”

On the importance of participating:

“Don’t hesitate to tell them your story. That helps them in visualizing the proper treatment for your video.”

“Do not be camera-shy. It’s a once in a lifetime event. Of course, not everyone is comfortable with it, but we assure you, it will be unforgettable. This might be a good story we’ll tell our kids in the future. Enjoy every bit of it!”

Happy Ever After is just the beginning. Screencap from video by Pixelfish Concept PH.

Happy Ever After is just the beginning. Screencap from video by Pixelfish Concept PH.

If you have the time, resources, and the creative juices for it, we sincerely recommend that you try making a wedding short with the help of your videographer.  It can range from a short film with indie vibes like Dorms and Jane’s, or even a music video-inspired one!  Whatever you decide, know that wedding shorts are a great way to entertain your guests at the reception. It’s also a fun project to do as a couple or with your family and friends!

#ArtistaDreamsDoComeTrue #Tumatadhana

Watch the Pre-Wedding Short from Pixelfish Concept and see if it doesn’t give you serious Begin Again feels the way it did us!

 Any ideas for your own dream wedding short? Post them in the comments section below!

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  • Sam

    Being a writer, I’ve always admired how stories are captured on video. The execution is very crucial, especially for an event such as a wedding. It has more at stake, and it also involves a very personal story that many people will hear.

  • Nazrin Miah

    I love watching wedding shorts, I don’t know whether I’m brave enough to come face to face with the camera and act it out though! Why am i so shy ahhhhh!


  • Milton Coyne

    i love it… the short film was well captured and I just love the quality of it .. i also love the songs especially the last one ^_^ sobrang cheesy haha

  • Yogo Cream

    Wedding Shorts look pretty awesome! I’m thoroughly convinced that we should have one in our future wedding. I just wonder how much if the couple is the one who is in charge of the set-up or it is included in the video production package. I may also have to research on its price. If we’ll have a wedding short, it definitely has something to do with food and travel. I do hope shooting is allowed in our alma matter since it’s a significant place for us as a couple. – Me-An Clemente

    • That’s something we’ll be looking forward to in the future 🙂 I’m pretty sure there’ll be lots of food involved during the shoot..

  • Carola

    I’ve never heard of a wedding short. So I had never seen one before. It looks like a great idea and will give an extra touch for the wedding and extra memory for the couple. The video looks very nice!

  • This is a great idea, I didn’t hear about it before (but then again, I’m not on the point of getting married soon). I think it’s a wonderful way of remembering forever the beautiful moments spent together and a nice movie to show to the grandchildren when the couple is old.

  • This is so timely!!! <3 I love the concept of the pre-wedding video. To be an artista even just for your pre wedding's video. LOL! I love your blog dearie :'3 It gives me much inspiration for me and my fiance's wedding. Thank you so much for this.

  • tet

    Parang recently lang nauso ang SDE. I actually wanted to get one then but it’s a little above our budget so we skipped getting one. I don’t know there are wedding short na pala. I think this is better than SDE.

  • Cai

    I’m one of the people who are amazed on how wedding really evolved this year. And SDE really rock! From the very conventional now to modern. Weddings are getting fabulous!

  • Yan

    Interesting concept! I’m assuming this is more expensive than an SDE but it definitely brings something new to the wedding. Will watch the short at home cos it’s blocked in the office (huhu), but I’m very curious about this. <3

  • Miss Piggy

    This is a nice concept. something new and fresh. I love how they come up with this. their acting is so natural 🙂

    • Pixelfish Concept PH

      Thank you from the team and the rest of the gang. <3

  • Pixelfish Concept PH

    Hello, guys! We just read your comments today. Thank you so much for your interest! Please feel free to watch more of our works or ask us questions on our Facebook page!

    Thank you, Top Knotters! <3