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Hokkaido Prenup: A Winter White & Blue Theme

Hokkaido Prenup, Nelwin Uy

With its spots considered as one of the most luxurious snowy destinations in Asia, Vib & Ja definitely made the most out of their Hokkaido prenup.

One of the challenges of picking a theme for your own prenup is arriving at decision that both soon-to-wed parties will not only agree to, but really love as well. One way of coming up with theme options is to probably list down anything under the sun that you and your soon-to-be bride or groom have in common. We’re not sure if that’s how Vib & Ja arrived at a decision, but their common favorite color combination made for a good basis.

“Vib and I have always loved the colors blue and white, and how well they go together. So we wanted to have a blue and white themed wedding. And we wanted our prenup photos to reflect these colors as well. We started brainstorming for a theme and the imagery of boundless blue skies over a majestic snow blanketed landscape came to mind. From there, we got the idea to pursue a blue and white winter-themed wedding and prenup shoot. When we met with Nelwin Uy and shared our vision with him, he immediately suggested Hokkaido, Japan for our destination winter-themed prenup shoot.”

Blue & white is such an elegant & classic combination for a prenup or wedding theme. Executing it as against snow & sky  was a wonderful idea that made it all the more elegant.

“We did our research and fell in love with the breathtaking sceneries of Hokkaido. It was also a big bonus that we’ve never been to Japan before. So we started to make the necessary preparations for our destination prenup shoot. The most important of these preparations was to find the best stylist and make-up artist for the job and to shop for proper winter wear.”

Prepared as they were, Vib & Ja, found their Hokkaido prenup to be challenging but thanks to the expertise and awesome company of their chosen suppliers, it was a fun experience for the couple as well.

“Our prenup experience was challenging but fun. Coming from a tropical country, we were not accustomed to the harsh and low temperatures of winter. It helped a lot that our choice stylist, Aira Franco-Capistrano and makeup artist, Fritz Mortel, were well-prepared to support us in dealing with the various challenges brought about by the freezing cold weather. It was fun because we got to explore all these amazing places with the most beautiful sceneries with each other and with our new found friends and travel buddies. The best part of the experience was that all these cherished memories, these precious moments that took our breath away will always be timeless and beautiful, captured perfectly by only the best in the industry, Nelwin Uy. We are forever grateful for his dedication to perfection.”

Looking through the photos, we can see that they chose a great set of locations for this Hokkaido prenup.  With one casual set taken in Sapporo Shrine, the rest captured the couple in three variations of formal wear. With such a romantic mood set against the snow and scenery of Lake Toya, Noboribetsu, Otaru & Kyogoku Natural Spring, it’s only fitting to match these with those formal wear variations. The black & white Lake Toya set is a personal favorite!

So, how can you make the most of a destination shoot such as this Hokkaido prenup? Vibs & Ja shared with us these important tips.

1)      Do thorough research on your dream destination before booking any tickets.

“This will help you identify the best time to go, in order to capture the best possible photos for your pre-nup shoot.”

2)     Choose the perfect suppliers for the job, as they are intergral to the overall success of your pre-nup shoot.

“We could not have done it without the best support from our suppliers.”

3)     Study how to get around the area where you wish to do your pre-nup shoot.

“We would not have been able to cover as many areas in Hokkaido had we not rented a van in advance to take us around our choice photoshoot locations.”

I suppose, if there’s something you need to remember when planning a destination prenup, these should be the top 3 items on your list.

Supplier Spotlight: Photographer : Nelwin Uy |Stylist : Aira Franco-Capistrano | HMUA: Fritz Mortel

What did you like most about this Hokkaido prenup? Doesn’t this make you want to have your own winter Hokkaido prenup session?

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