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Nikko, Japan Prenup: Albert and Carla Find Warmth in Winter

For many of us who live in this tropical archipelago, experiencing winter remains one of our favorite fantasies, right up there next to an efficient train system. Read on to see the incredible images from Albert and Carla’s Nikko, Japan Prenup!

To make their engagement session truly memorable, Albert and Carla chose to return to the place they call their haven. They organized a Nikko, Japan prenup shoot because it was a place dear to their hearts, where even the heaviest of snowfalls couldn’t diminish the fire and warmth that their love creates.

“Albert was based in Japan during our engagement, while I was based here in the Philippines. Japan had been our second home, and our “together” haven. We love to travel and it has been our dream to experience winter together. We thought this was the perfect time to do that and would make our prenup session more special.”

The Magic Behind their Nikko, Japan Prenup

One of the most common #relationshipgoals for couples these days is to travel to Japan and experience its rich and fascinating culture. The country also offers a host of scenic locations made even more magical by the changing of seasons, which has turned it into a popular destination for out-of-the-country engagement shoots. Albert and Carla gush about their magical winter experience during their Nikko, Japan Prenup.

“It was -2° to -5° in Nikko during our shoot and it was snowing and drizzling the whole time. There was a restaurant beside the Marshland where we changed. I remembered clearly when I stepped out of in my white gown and all the locals started ooooohing. They  congratulated me and Albert as if it was already our wedding! Or maybe they were thinking how brave we were for facing the winter in a wedding gown and a suit!”

Despite the challenges, not only of the cold, but of planning an overseas prenup shoot, Albert and Carla’s Nikko, Japan Prenup turned out to be a success. The results are a set of romantic and dreamy photos captured by the brilliant husband and wife tandem, Manny and April Photography. Below, the couple recall their Top Knotters moment with their photographers:

“Shooting outdoors during winter was very challenging, but because of of Manny and April, it became such a breeze. They were so patient and caring the whole time. We never felt any pressure at all. It was like one a holiday trip with friends, but at the same time capturing moments and beautiful photos. Manny and April have pure talent and very kind hearts. We love them both!”

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How to Make it Better

Although Albert and Carla had a decidedly enjoyable and successful Nikko, Japan prenup session, the couple shares the things that they wished they had put more attention to during their preparations:

1. Get a little bit of help

“If I had to redo one thing, it would hire an HMUA to be with us the whole shoot. I did my makeup on my own but. It would’ve been a lot easier to have someone help me fix my hair and makeup, especially after the snow shoot.”

2. Know your location

“We missed the shoot at Shinkyo Bridge because we overlooked the operating hours of the area.We arrived there just after it had closed.  It would’ve been better if we had researched prior [to fix our schedule].”

We’re so grateful to Albert and Carla, not only for sharing with us these gorgeous photos, but also such practical advice for all soon-to-weds! We hope you’ll also find what this couple has, so that, when the cool breeze of winter comes, you will find true warmth in love.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Manny & April Photography | Gowns and Suit – Louis Pangilinan.

Got any more location ideas for a magical winter experience? Share with us your secrets in the comments section below!

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