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Gardens by the Bay Proposal: Joan & Ehrick

Gardens by the Bay Proposal, Singapore, Proposal

“Even before I started to court her, (I told) myself  ‘If she will be my girlfriend, I want her to be THE ONE … the girl that I would marry and spend the rest of my life with.”

With this pledge, it’s no wonder Ehrick planned a special surprise for Joan as he gave her a scenic Gardens By the Bay Proposal.

This Singapore-based couple must have found each other to be heaven sent as they both work abroad, far from their families.

Their Story: Home-Cooked Meals, Patience & Good Intentions

Working together in the same hospital as pharmacy technicians in Singapore, Ehrick & Joan have known each other since 2014. Starting out as friends within a big group of Filipino friends at the hospital, it was only a matter of time – and patience on Ehrick’s side – before they eventually became a couple. Ehrick admitted that he had really a big crush on Joan the first time he saw her, so he was disappointed upon learning that she had a boyfriend that time. Despite this, he still decided to remain a good friend to Joan.

“I was in a relationship back then, he was even my shoulder to cry on when I have problems, while on the other hand, he’s single. Our friends, even our colleagues noticed our closeness especially when he brings home-cooked meals and shares it with me during lunch break. (Yes, he cooks better than me.) Fast-forward to the story, my bf and I broke up, and this leads Ehrick to pursue and court me and by August 2015, we became officially a couple.”

So when does a guy start planning his proposal when he already knew he wanted to marry a girl the first time he sees her? Apparently, after capturing her heart for them to be a couple, it’s all about finding the perfect time.

“Actually, I already bought the ring even before our (first) anniversary. I was just waiting for the perfect time to propose to her, but I didn’t want her to have any expectation or any clue that I will propose to her. My birthday is on September. Her birthday is on October. Christmas 2016, we were able to celebrate in the Philippines. Last January, we had our Cebu-Bohol trip together with our moms (it’s also our moms’ first time to meet each other and, gladly, they got along well together). I just felt this is the right time to propose to her, before Valentine’s Day.”

The Proposal Proper : What cousin?

Aside from it being a surprise, Ehrick & Joan’s Gardens By The Bay proposal story is quite eventful. Gauging from the way Joan recounted the story, the surprise was a success since she remained clueless until Ehrick popped the question.

“It was an ordinary day turned into a magical night for the two of us. He told me that we were meeting his cousin from Cebu and will have dinner after. When we reached MBS, it started to rain. He told me to wait for a while because his cousin was stranded at the Flower Dome because of the heavy rain. After an hour, the rain stopped and he said that we would just meet his cousin half-way because they didn’t have an umbrella. So, we walked and after going out of the lift, it rained again and this time there was a thunderstorm. We stopped for few minutes but then Ehrick insisted we walk even if it’s still raining with lightning. He led me to the way going to the Supertrees that I’m not familiar with. We had to go down steps that were slippery because of the rain. While walking, I was already ranting and telling him that I should have just stayed and waited for them at the MBS. Then, he said in a gentle voice “Sorry baby”. After that, I just kept myself quiet. As we continued walking, we saw three long-stemmed roses on the floor and I told him, “Bi oh may flowers, may nagsusurprise”. We passed through three batches of those roses, and nearing the end, we saw a very bright light in the swing area. I even asked him to walk faster because maybe it is where the surprise was happening. Then, I saw the words “Marry Me”. Looking closely, I saw our pictures were there!  I didn’t know how to react or feel at that time. And to my surprise, our friends were there too and already taking pictures and videos of what’s happening. Fast-forward to the story, (with matching background music) Ehrick got down on one knee and popped the question, and I said, YES!”

Definitely, no rain or thunderstorm will keep Ehrick from going through with his brilliant plan to give Joan a romantic surprise proposal. His ‘meet my cousin’ story was so effective at the end of it all Joan couldn’t help but still ask “Nasaan yung pinsan mo?”. That’s 5 stars for Ehrick for pulling a successful surprise Gardens By the Bay proposal.

How did Ehrick pull it off?

Of course, things like this cannot really be effectively put together without the help of wonderful friends.

“I gathered all our friends and checked whether they are free on this date and, luckily, they are. Our friends love to surprise each other during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and bridal showers. This was the first time, that we’ll be a having an engagement proposal. They are really excited, and of course, extremely happy for the both of us. I have searched the perfect spot at the Gardens by the Bay, and they helped me in the preparation of the set-up.”

It was also sweet that the ladies in the group took time to wear matching outfits as well; like a prelude to the wedding that was to come with them as Joan’s bridesmaids. So, how did Joan feel about Ehrick’s surprise?

“I still can’t believe it’s happening to me. It’s really one of my dreams to have a surprise romantic proposal and to have a church wedding. And, of course it’s the love of my life who’s getting down on one knee. It will always be a ‘YES!’.  It will not really sink in at first, but as days pass by, you will realize that you’re about to embark a new chapter in your lives.”

With the high of the start of this significant milestone in their life unraveling before them, we asked Ehrick & Joan what their tips are for other couples contemplating on going to the next level of their relationship.

For the men:

1)     Ask for the girl’s family blessing

“I called Joan’s mom, dad, two older brothers with their wives, and her youngest brother. Yes she’s the only girl among the siblings. I was really nervous to ask for their daughter’s and sister’s hand, but it’s really worth it to know that they accept you to be a part of their family and for them to know that your intention is pure and full of love.”

2)     Find the perfect spot for the proposal.

“I walked around the Gardens by the bay, and luckily found the spot with the swing to have the beautiful set-up and perfect view of Marina Bay Sands, Super trees and Singapore Flyer.”

3)     Ask your closest friends to be with you on the proposal

“(Ask them) to help you capture that priceless moment of your lives and of course to witness this milestone of your relationship. But if given a chance that we were in the Philippines, I will do it together with our families.”

For the ladies:

“We just have to wait for God’s perfect time, continue to pray and believe on HIM that if it’s for us, it’s really for us and if we’re meant to be, we’re really meant to be.”

Now, isn’t that a heartwarming proposal? This gets me thinking that with the work Ehrick put into in preparing for this surprise Gardens By The Bay proposal, I’m sure Joan is just so excited to get down to getting into the details of planning their big day. 

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