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Autumn-Inspired Wedding at Casa San Pablo

Autumn-Inspired Wedding, vital image photo

There is a feeling of warmth and coziness in this wedding inspired by the fall season and its colors. With the addition of the earthy, rustic, and laidback ambiance of Casa San Pablo, it is a wedding ceremony that makes you feel right at home. The surrounding floral decor, festoon of string lights, and all the wooden accents add a charming touch to this autumn-inspired wedding.

Seventeen years prior to their autumn-inspired wedding, Marc and Annegi’s love story first began to unfold on that fateful day in a classroom in UP Los Banos when they first met. But it wasn’t until a few years after that they would get to embark on a journey that would change their lives forever.

“Marc and I met in UPLB. We were classmates during our first year in college. I found out through common friends that he liked me but he only started courting me after three years, and we became a couple after another. We’ve been together since then. We had our simple civil wedding in 2016, at Las Pinas RTC, on our 12th anniversary. But because we wanted to honor God through our marriage, and celebrate with friends who were with us from the start of our relationship, we decided to wed in church a year later, February 18, 2017.”

As with all wedding preparations, there will always be unforeseen circumstances. The same went for this autumn-inspired wedding.  In fact, Annegi experienced a crisis that no bride should have to go through: two days before the wedding, she still didn’t have a wedding dress!

At first she had one made in Divisoria but wasn’t satisfied with the dress itself and the poor customer service. She decided to just pay for it and look for another one.  A month before the wedding, while looking for an RTW wedding gown, she found a black gown which the designer said they could make for her in white. But still, there was a problem with it and she had to give up the dress.  Annegi now had only two weeks ’til the big day.  We can imagine other brides shaking their heads by now, mouthing, “Que horror!”  But in true Hollywood fashion, it was this big crisis that paved the way for a definite Top Knotter moment.

“Less than two weeks before the wedding, my mother-in-law referred me to Jun Marcelino, an established gown maker in Taguig. They gave us a shopping list and we went to Carolina’s in Megamall to buy the needed fabric and accessories. They were able to make the gown I wanted and we got it on the morning prior to the wedding. All’s well that end’s well.”

You’d think, after such a heart-attack moment, fate would be kind enough to give them a rest.  But on the day of their wedding, nature decided to play a trick and add a bit more excitement to their day.

“Another Top Knotter moment for us is, one hour before the start of the ceremony, it rained. The ceremony and reception were both set up outdoors, so the Casa San Pablo staff had to bring in the tables and ornaments, and take them out again afterwards to re-do the whole set-up when the rain stopped. It happened a couple of times until heavy rain poured steadily. We were already contemplating moving the ceremony and reception indoors. But we held on to our faith that God would answer our prayers and give us a beautiful wedding. At around 3:00PM, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and He gave us cool, calm, and perfect weather.”

It  may have rained hard before the ceremony even began, but it still worked out in the end. After all, after every storm there is always a rainbow: a promise that good days are up ahead.

Marc and Annegi made sure that this autumn-inspired wedding was an intimate celebration with their close friends and family. Simplicity was key. They had a small entourage composed mainly of principal and secondary sponsors. Even the dress code didn’t require anyone to get into formal wear but to simply dress up using the colors of the autumn season.

The bride and groom share their tips for planning for the big day and adding a personal touch to it.

  1. Stick to the vision

    “Our vision was to have a backyard wedding where our guests can  feel at home in the presence of family and friends. We didn’t want our guests to bother with what to wear or the roles they have to play; the goal was to let them come and celebrate with us and have a good time. We opted for soft lighting using string lamps to match the rustic vibe of Casa San Pablo and the cool February weather. The set up was no-frills, even the dinner program was light and straight to the point. Live acoustic music at the reception added to the soothing ambiance.”

  2. It doesn’t need to be expensive. There’s beauty in simplicity.

    “Simple doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. At the onset, couples need to set their minds on which items are most important, and which can be done away with. And they need to stick to these decisions. We were guided by the thoughts, ‘If we were guests at someone else’s wedding, what would be most important to us?’”

  3. More heads are better than one

    “Get help from family and friends especially when you find yourself in a very tough situation. Yes, a lot of suppliers can easily be found online but by getting personal recommendations from people you trust, you can save yourself from the costs resulting from wrong decisions. Family and friends can also pitch in with the DIY projects. Things become more special when you know they’re made with love.”

All was well in the end despite the many challenges.  After all, the day wasn’t just about having a perfect wedding, but about celebrating the love between this fated couple. But the warmth, intimacy, and even the simplicity of their autumn-inspired wedding only added to making this day unforgettable for Marc and Annegi.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Vital Image Photo | Coordinator: Happenings Events Management | HMUA: Beauty by Lace | Venue/Caterer: Casa San Pablo

What was your favorite moment or detail from this autumn-inspired wedding? 

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