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A Simply Romantic Elegant Prenup at Angelfields

Elegant Prenup, Liz Ranola

Sometimes, you don’t really need much to get romantic, elegant photos for your engagement session.  Take for instance, Aldo & Ann’s prenup session at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary.

They made use of beautiful things that were available to them. When you think about it, sometimes most of what you need, you have already. Even in having your prenup session. For us, Angelfields is a discovery. Despite being around for quite a while, we haven’t encountered this place yet in our other prenup stories. We’re finding it to be a lovely place with so much areas to have iconic shots for your prenup photo keepsake.  Fortunately for Aldo & Ann they found this sanctuary as a venue for their wedding reception which also served as a perfect backdrop for their romantic, elegant prenup.

“It’s where we’ll be having our wedding reception so we didn’t have to pay for anything. As for the theme, we really didn’t prepare or put much thought to it. We just got old clothes from our closet and used them for the shoot. No props either.”

It helps too when you, as a couple, already have a sense of style and good taste to begin with. It makes it easier to just whip out outfits straight from your closets without the help of a stylist. I particularly love Ann’s black backless gown. This lovely lady knows how to accentuate her features too. It seems like it was pretty easy for their photographer, Liz Ranola, to direct and take these romantic, elegant prenup photos of the couple. Specially since Ann describes their prenup experience as “very easy, laid back”.

So what are their tips for having a very easy, laid back experience for a prenup session that will give you such romantic and elegant photos? Here are their tips, very simply succinctly put:

1)     Keep it natural and simple.

2)     Get a beautiful venue so you won’t have to spend time and money styling it.

Tip number 1 might be quite a challenge for most couples, specially when they have all these ideas and pegs going through their head for their prenup theme. When things get overwhelming, maybe it’s good to remember that ‘keeping it natural & simple’ can be one of your options.

For number 2, Angelfields as a venue to check out is an extra tip right there.

Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Liz Ranola for Imagine Nation Photography | Venue: Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

What do you think of this simply romantic elegant prenup at Angelfields? Don’t forget to share this with other soon-to-weds planning their prenup who might just be a bit overwhelmed with which theme to go with for their session.

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