Manila Peninsula Wedding: An Elegant Burst of Colors

 May 18, 2017

Normally, elegance is related with the use of muted tones, but Clare & Ayo’s Manila Peninsula wedding exemplifies how elegance can be achieved with a burst of color. Violet, magenta & orange made for a perfect combination of rich colors while Salon De Ning served as a fitting backdrop giving a bit of a Great Gatsby vibe.

Behind this lovely Manila Peninsula wedding is an interesting story of love that is written in the stars. Clare told us about how fortunate it was for their common friend to introduce them to each other with the thought that they are both the “techy” types. As it turns out, they’re so different personality-wise. But with love & time they allowed themselves to find their common ground.

“If she had based it on our personalities, Ayo and I might have had never met. Our personalities are on the opposite ends of the spectrum – the introvert (me) and the extrovert (him). I’m a realist, he’s an optimist; I’m the worrier, he’s go with the flow; I’m stoic, he’s cheesy; I’m Star Wars, he’s Star Trek; you get the gist (we’re geeks). I guess opposites do attract. After several months of dating, we decided to be officially exclusive and for 7 years, we continued to get to know each other, discovered quirks, and worked around our differences. We love technology, traveling, watching movies and TV shows, working out, eating and going on diets that never really work. We’re both competitive, strategic and like debating on random things like was Eli really blind in the Book of Eli?”

For Ayo, it was love at first sight, accompanied by music in the background, too!

“One evening my friend and I went to watch a band play. It was such a nice concert. Then suddenly, as the song “Kailan” by Bamboo played, I saw Clare. I knew then that she would be someone special in my life. Fate was in our hands that night because the friend who invited me to the concert knew her and that was it.

As much as love moves in mysterious ways, staying in love is a choice & a bit of work, too.

“We’ve allowed each other to grow as individuals while finding a common ground to build and nourish our relationship. I knew that even if we didn’t go through all the legalities and traditional formalities, we would still be spending our lifetime together.” – Clare

To start their forever Clare & Ayo wanted a fun yet intimate wedding where they can “party with family & friends, eat good food, drink booze and dance to good music”. Clare admitted to being a very stressed bride on their big day. Despite this, they are thankful not only for the help of their family & friends, but also that their Manila Peninsula wedding was peppered with Top Knotter Moments.

For one thing, they were able to book Santuario San Antonio Parish less than a year in advance due to a cancellation on the day they wanted – and we know how difficult it is to book a schedule with them. Usually couples have to book a year or more in advance to get the schedule they want. This with the bonus of encountering a really nice & helpful church coordinator despite feedback they got about her being the “masungit & mataray” type.

Their wedding reception set up also entailed using both the Spices restaurant and Salon De Ning club. It was a first for the Manila Peninsula team, but they accommodated this, was flexible enough with the couple’s requests even going above & beyond what was expected.

The couple was delighted to have found a reasonable package in Sunny Florist who even provided them with extra flowers that weren’t part of the package.

Clare loved that her hair & make up by Nelsy Ernst stayed on the whole day until the after party that lasted until 2am. And the couple are very happy with how CA Productions & Den Montero Photography brought in their own styles in capturing every special moment of that day.

“They were really calm and patient as they guided us how to pose so we would look good in pictures. It all paid off as we are really happy with how our videos and photos turned out”

As with most couples, they weren’t really able to take into consideration the dynamics of how their suppliers will work with each other. They realized the importance of this and was pleased to see that their suppliers got along pretty well with each other.

“All of them were really professional, assertive, and knew how to handle a very stressed bride”.

Aside from having two areas for the reception, there were a few other things about this Manila Peninsula wedding that’s not like the usual wedding. Notice how instead of a best man, Ayo had a ‘best woman’? It’s no surprise, then, that they had a different reception program flow. For this, the couple appreciated how their on the day coordinator, Inspirations by Apple, were able to ensure that almost everything was executed as planned. For those that didn’t go as planned, they were able to work something out.

And lastly, since the perfect gown is a must for brides, Clare was glad to stumble upon Rodel Banzon online as she was looking for a low key designer or dressmaker who won’t mind if they provided their own fabric and executed the dress she had in mind.

“The fabric that my mom chose was really light, and with the workmanship of Rodel, I got a lovey, one-of-a-kind dress that was really easy to move around in”.

Clare & Ayo’s experience from their Manila Peninsula wedding reminds us of the importance of proper planning & having the proper attitude in order to have the kind of celebration you want and savor every moment of it. Here’s what we got from what they shared with us:

1. Stress over such an important milestone is inevitable. As you prepare to avoid it, also prepare to embrace it.

“We had been together for around 7 years before we got engaged. During that timeframe, a lot of our friends had gotten married or were in the middle of planning their wedding. We pretty much heard all types of joy and stress of planning a wedding even before we started thinking of ours. The thing is, a lot of great advice out there were actually hard to follow  like stick to your budget (yeah right!) or don’t get stressed (but you will anyway!). It was also really tough to filter unsolicited advice, and pretend not to care”

2. Establish the vision of what you want for your wedding day.

“We had a clear vision of our wedding… with that in mind, we were able to set clear goals and targets that helped identify our must-haves, non-negotiables and stuff we can’t be bothered with.”

3. Make decisions based on your vision & goals for the big day.

“If we find one of us was stressing over something, we checked how it fits to our overall vision. If it was still bothering one of us even after discussing how it was a non-essential, we re-evaluate (Is this something we’re going to nitpick after the wedding is over? Are we going to see it in pictures and bother us for the rest of our lives?) and adjust as needed. “

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

“It wasn’t completely perfect behind the scenes, but it doesn’t make sense to nitpick on minor issues when the overall outcome of our wedding was superb. All of our guests had a great time, and we did too.”

As it is with love, wedding preparation is an effort of both soon-to-weds where they not only decide on things together, but they help & support each other as well. Their Manila Peninsula wedding is very much a prelude of what’s to come in a couple’s life as husband & wife.

“At the end of the day, you’re going to do what you got to do to make things work. Just make sure if you make a decision on whatever it is, it’s something both of you can live with. Weddings are great but that one day shouldn’t be a deal breaker for your happily ever after.”

Supplier Spotlight: Hosts and Program Heads: Carol Del Rosario and Cara Gimenez | Wedding Gown: Collaboration with the Bride, Mother of the Bride and Rodel Banzon | Groom’s Suit: Collaboration with the Groom and Cornell’s Custom Tailors | Entourage dresses: Collaboration with the Bride and Rodel Banzon | Hair and Make Up: Nelsy Ernst Pro-Make up | Venue Coordinator: Jessica Magtaka (Peninsula Manila) | On the Day Coordination: Inspirations by Apple |Photography:  CA Productions & Den Montero Photography | Videography: CA Productions | Band: The Daily Groove | Flowers: SUNNY Florist | Wedding Rings: MarryMe | Cake: Sugar Daddy’s Oven | Funko Pop Custom Figures: Likhang Pinoy Customs

We love how elegance & the burst of color just fell so well together in this Manila Peninsula wedding. What do you love about it?

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