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5 Good Reasons To Join A Wedding Community

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An old adage says that, “it takes a village to raise a child.” But to put together your dream wedding? You will need a community.

Whether you are running out of suppliers, wanting to commend your fabulous stylist, or just a pat in the back for pulling off your wedding by yourself, a wedding community is a great compliment to your preparations.

Take the example of Abet and Bennette Rana, founders of Weddings at Work (W@W). Out of their frustration in finding the perfect fit, not only for their wedding dresses but more so to their wedding needs, the Rana couple turned to the internet to look for their suppliers. It did not fail them. Soon, they put up a wedding community that has bridged the gap between suppliers and brides-to-be, brides-to-be to brides-to-be and many more. 

Here are some reasons why you should get into one:

 1. It’s a complete one-stop shop

W@Wie member, Apple Anabo-Hung, said it gives couples getting married to find the suppliers they need. “W@W… helps couples with their decision on who to get as suppliers.” “Because W@W has everything you need to know to prepare a wedding/have a beautiful wedding – whether budget or extravagant wedding. And information are always current and real as these come from real brides to be,” said W@Wie Sherylin Guieb-Buckmaster.

2. More friends

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” W@W users personify this quote as they find and become the damsels-in-shining armor of their fellow wedding warriors. “Join W@W for the suppliers info but stay for the camaraderie. You’ll find it hard to leave anyway,” quipped W@Wie Krystle Ambayec-Dino. For W@Wie Osannah Concepcion-Atilares, she gained more than friends but a family when she joined the community. “Bukod sa naging madali ang wedding preparations, I gained a lot of friends and sisters from different mothers. Someone who would understand everything you’re going through.”


 3. A free market of ideas

It only takes a spark for one to ignite and a firestorm of ideas ensue. W@W provides that jumpstart for your wedding preparations. W@Wie member Amanda Hernandez said the community gave her the inspiration for the ideas she needs for her wedding. “I joined W@W because I didn’t know where to begin with my wedding. With W@W I was able to get a lot of great ideas, tips (what I could save on, what I could do without, etc) and I was able to get good and bad feedback on suppliers which made it easier to decide on who to get. And it was also fun seeing how others planned for their wedding.,” she said. Pittipat Manzano Chupungco adds: “W@W makes wedding planning so much easier. Aside from that you get to exchange tips, ideas, and experiences with people who are exactly in the same boat as you are so they can understand you perfectly.”

 4. Your friendly sounding board

Sometimes, you just need to let it all out. As wedding preparation frustrations take its toll on you, sometimes you just need a pat on the back to make you move forward. Dheng Ordonio-Ozaeta shares, “W@W is the wedding sounding board. Kung may angst ka sa ento mo o sa supplier mo, everybody is there to listen (este read) and will give you advice. Not only a support group but it has been a family. Kahit online lang kayo nagkakausap, when you meet personally na, akala mo, taon na kayong magkakilala.” For Vesta Villena-Laserna, W@W provided the coziness that will not make one feel left out. W@W itself is your very own world where you can rant on smallest things about your wedding preparations or rave on a very small discovery or discount. No one will judge you as if you were an alien,” she said.

 5. Less stress

Nothing is more rewarding than having to prepare for your wedding stress-free. W@Wie members attest that their preparations got second wind because of their membership in the community. Lalie Baluyot-Rey said, “Being part of W@W is like having extra hands to help you with the wedding preparation making it less stressful for the couple. It makes everything more enjoyable especially you get to do it with other brides to be too.” “It helps you decide what you want and not. Plus, it helps you be prepared with expectations and questions as early as the first supplier’s meeting since you can check for reviews of previous brides/grooms on a particular supplier. The community also helps you make decisions — that later becomes your family,” adds Cheryl Chan-Wong.

How about you? Why did you join a wedding community? Share your story with us.

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  • Good idea and having a community certainly helps. Wedding is done only once (for most) and there was never a formal training on preparing for one. With so much details to think of, it IS OVERWHELMING. A community helps take away confusion and less stress.

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of a wedding community. It looks like a good idea and why not, when everything is already available on the Internet. I’m not getting married yet but when I do I will seriously consider joining one.

  • I agree that it can help. It looks like a lot of fun. I think I’m more a type that would love to do the wedding prep together with my love. Just the two of us. But we will have a small wedding.

  • i agree that belonging in a community helps a lot in any wedding preparation. Not only are suppliers and tips shared, one could also vent out frustrations or even share happiness and excitement and everybody could always relate.

  • I can definitely see how having a community would help. I love to bounce ideas off of other people especially when it is as important as a wedding day! I think also knowing great vendors to work with would be great to have. You don’t want to get burned on your wedding day and not able to fulfill your dream!

  • You stated very good reasons for joining a wedding community. It’s good to know about this stuff as early as now even if my wedding is far, far, far into the future.

    Anyway, with your post, you’ve convinced me to join for the sake of preparing well the silver wedding of my parents. Truly, a community is there to affirm us and to alleviate our stress just like how we have it in the blogging industry. Thank you very much for this post.

  • I wish there were communities like this when i got married..17 years back. But, this is a very unique idea. One gets to know people handling various wedding jobs under the same roof.

  • I didn’t know that there are wedding communities like this but it would obviously be very helpful for the couple. Aside from the wedding ideas, they would gain friends too.

  • I do agree with you on this. You get more support, friends and also help. In fact it helps to save cost as well because can get all the things that we need for the wedding at one hub.

  • What a nice idea! Can people join here even if they aren’t getting married yet? How to join?

    • For some wedding communities, I believe they require your wedding dates, and they will check up on you. Once you get married, you move on to a new community group. 🙂

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