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Clark and Millie: 3 Life Lessons You Need to Learn Now

Clark and Millie

Early this week, the internet was abuzz with the story of a groom who couldn’t make it to his own reception, and the bride who stayed by his side ’til death did them part. Read on for real love and life musings from the story of Clark and Millie.

Clark and Millie first met in 2003. He was eighteen, and she, twenty-three. Over the course of the next year, they had a child and got married in civil rites but, before long, Clark had to leave for the US, only getting to visit his family every two years. Clark had long promised to Millie that they would get married in front of the altar. On July 12, 2017, he made sure that he would keep his word—even if it would be the last thing he did.

When we hear such moving and bittersweet stories such as these, we might wonder why some sorrow always accompanies love.

“Love, to be real, it must cost—it must hurt—it must empty us of self.” (Teresa of Calcutta)

This self-giving quality is something we admire in great love stories—whether fictional or true to life. And that of Clark and Millie is no exception. Below are some life lessons we learned from the star-crossed lovers.

3 Life and Love Lessons from Clark and Millie

1. Selfless = Brave

“God has a purpose for this…I learned about unconditional love. He showed me until the end what sacrifice and love really means.” —Millie

In today’s “me” culture, the most courageous and almost unthinkable acts are those we do, not for ourselves, but for others. You don’t have to join the army and give your life to keep the peace in Marawi (but we do salute our many soldiers who have). Rather, making sacrifices for the people nearest you can be just as brave.

What we especially love about the story of Clark and Millie was how Millie remained patient and caring towards Clark til the very end. It’s no joke to care for the sick (we salute our doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals too), but she did it with utmost grace—even though their wedding was her day too. While most of us tend to turn into bridezillas, Millie was the exact opposite. She was even willing to give up her dream of walking down the aisle, seeing how exhausting it would be for Clark. But Clark, bless him, bravely endured all that discomfort because he knew how much it meant to Millie. They were both thinking of the good of the other. If that isn’t love, then we don’t know what is.

(Be like Millie and avoid becoming a bridezilla by reading this.)

2. Love yourself too

“Had I taken good care of my body, we could have been together longer.” —Clark


While giving your all to care for the people you love is admirable, we cannot undermine the importance of loving yourself too. Be happy with your life! Pursue your dreams, eat healthy, get enough rest, find inner peace. While some of us might feel guilty at the thought of loving ourselves, doing so in the right dosage actually helps us love others better too. But don’t just take our word for it—even Justin Bieber said so.

3. Sometimes, “the right time” is now

The circumstances surrounding the love story of Clark and Millie are unique and beautiful in their own way—but there’s no need to copy it. We can’t help but think of many “what ifs” when it comes to theirs, the way we do when we see a good romcom and want the story to keep unfolding.

While whirlwind romances or engagements are not exactly for everyone, we want to give a shout out to couples or even single men and women who are still waiting for that mythical “right time”. Don’t wait for angels to come from heaven to tell you to propose to your girlfriend or start courting a woman you want to love and care for! If you’ve given it enough consideration and prayer, if you have nothing but the best of intentions for the other, then what are you waiting for?

(Hear Johnoy Danao’s “Right Time”, written especially for Nikki Gil’s wedding SDE.)

These are just some of the lessons we picked up from the moving love story and wedding SDE of Clark and Millie. We hope their example of unconditional love inspires you to take responsibility for yours too! Share with us your own insights in the comments section below.

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Supplier Spotlight: Photo/Video: Mark Vitasa Photography | HMUA: Karla Aporo Calica

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