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Choosing Love: Nico and Ally’s Wedding (SDE by Ian Celis)

What if choosing love meant sacrificing your career? Read about Nico and Ally’s super sweet love story! It’ll let you see Type A individuals in a different light!

Isn’t it funny how, just when you thought you were totally in control of your life and had everything planned out, destiny decides to intervene? It’s kind of like living in an episode of Game of Thrones, though hopefully the less bloody ones. In the same way, Nico and Ally had already set their own plans and were on their way to slaying their goals by the time they met each other. They instantly clicked. But choosing love was not as easy as it seemed.

When they met, Nico was about to be relocated to Singapore for work.  Ally, who only wanted to get into a serious relationship, decided to stop seeing him. She thought if they ended up in an LDR (Read about a couple who did make it work), it would distract her from her career goals. But Nico didn’t let her go.

“He refused the relocation even though this meant he’d be resigning from his job. Instead he looked for another one. He did all this without telling me because he didn’t want me to feel like I made him stay. I never asked him to stay in Manila but he did it for me.”

Nico and Ally’s relationship might have looked like a whirlwind romance to the public, but they didn’t think this was the case. They were aligned on all their career goals, and both were serious about their relationship.  They talked about how many children they wanted and how they wanted to raise them, what kind of lifestyle they wanted. The couple was aligned about everything and talked about all the practical aspects of marriage. Two months after they became an item, Nico officially proposed to Ally in a super grand way at Nike Run Club. The rest, as they say, is history.

Choosing Love: A happy ending, a new beginning

When Nico and Ally tied the knot a year later, it unfolded like a dream. What a way to mark the happy ending of their separate lives, to celebrate how choosing love changed them forever. Though it took them some time to discover each other (even though they had met as early as high school), what matters is that, when they finally did, they were wise enough to not let go.

“Since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamt of this day… But this moment right here—being in front of you, my soulmate, my best friend, my everything—is just beyond my wildest dreams.” (Ally)

“Today as we cross over to a new chapter of our lives, one that will force us to really be adults now, one thing is for sure: our priorities will definitely change. However, what I do promise is this: even when the weight of all our numerous responsibilities comes crashing down upon us, you will always and forever be my number one priority… I give you my life, my heart, and everything else that comes with it.” (Nico)

And a dream of a team

With a team that was carefully selected, everything that this type A couple envisioned fell perfectly into its proper place, just the way the hoped it would. One of their Top Knotter moments involved working with their videographer, Ian Celis.

“Ian and his team truly went above and beyond from what we expected. There was no need to follow up on anything or remind them about time. The SDE he made wasn’t a formulaic, copy-paste video. It really captured me and Nico as a couple: fun, energetic, dramatic, and sweet.”

That moment when the SDE was shown during their reception also became one of the highlights of their wedding day.

“We were blown away. It was exactly what we asked from him: emotional, dramatic, beautiful, and most of all, happy. My initial reaction was, ‘This is more than what I expected.’ When Ian promises, he really delivers. I watched it numerous times weeks after the wedding and it still brought butterflies to my stomach.”

Nico and Ally proves it isn’t just destiny that determines whether we end up with the love of our lives. Rather, it’s the sacrifices we make that greatly contribute to the happy ending of that journey. Choosing love doesn’t happen by accident. Rather, choosing love means exactly that—making a decision and standing by it. Let’s hope we’ll be smart enough to do a Nico and recognize an irreplaceable pearl when we find one.

Supplier Spotlight: Coordinator: Joseph Vila of Company of Brides | Bride’s Gown: Francis Libiran | Groom’s Suit: Sarto | Make up artist: Ting Duque | Hair: RJ Dela Cruz | Bridal Robe: Micah Lacap | Grooming: The Union Station Barbershop | Video: Ian Celis Productions | Photo: Benjie Tiongco | Pre-wedding preps venue: The Manila Peninsula | Church: Nuestra Senora de Gracia | Venue and catering: Manila Polo Club | Florist: Billie Orario | Bridesmaids: Tantease | String quartet: Manila String Machine | Wedding cake: The Sweet Life by Ange | DJ: Nixdamnp | Hosts: Nikko Ramos and Katz Salao | Invitations: Ink Scribbler | Wedding singer: Happy Mabulay | LED, Lights and Sounds: Forscink

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