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A Spoken Word Proposal: Eman & Yvette

spoken word proposal

Surely, when you know someone who works in the wedding industry, you can expect them to get “things” done very creatively. Now, a spoken word proposal is definitely one of these “things”.

Eman, the owner of Pixelfish Concept PH, wanted to do out something different for his proposal. So he decided to do it through something he’s always wanted to try, Spoken Word. But he never really had the perfect place in mind for his plan. Then about a month before the proposal, Yvette expressed that she wanted to experience the feeling of camping since she never got to experience it as a child. Eman saw this as a perfect opportunity and decided to indulge her. She told her to gather all their friends and invite them for a camping trip for his birthday. Of course, Yvette was very excited to do all the planning. Imagine that, he even got her to plan the trip for his proposal without her knowing!

Eman and Yvette met 8 years ago during college. They were taking up the same course, but they got to know each other through their common friends. After 8 years, we’re pretty sure that they’ve gotten to know each other very well already. Now, we wanted to know more about the story behind this one-of-a-kind proposal.

What was the turning point why you decided to finally propose to her?

I felt that this was the only thing that’s missing in our relationship and that it was time. We’ve known each other so well now and it just felt natural for me to ease into that next step. She had no idea that behind all our camping chats, our friends and I had another secret chat where we planned the whole set-up.

spoken word proposal, anawangin

We asked Yvette if she was expecting the proposal that night? Was there a hunch?

I realize now how naïve I really am because I had absolutely no idea. There were so many moments in that trip where I could have at least suspected something, but I was just completely clueless. I think a large reason for that was because I was never one to expect or worry about things like proposals and marriage. Our relationship is pretty laid-back, and there’s never really been any pressure to rush into marriage. I did notice that he had more gear with him than usual—he brought lapel mics and stuff—but in the many years that we’ve been happily travelling together, he always brought his “toys”, so that really wasn’t something new. I noticed he was filming me more than usual during the day too. He usually doesn’t even bother with me, hahaha. But I just thought, maybe he was just in the mood to play around with me a bit.

About the Spoken Word thing, I thought it was just a joke at first, but at the same time, I knew him enough to know that he always wanted to do that. Hahaha. So when we gathered around the fire that night and he brought out the mics, I was laughing about how silly it all was and thought he really was just THAT excited. It was just so like him to get passionate about things like that and that’s why it’s always so fun to have him around. It never entered my mind that it could be the perfect excuse for a sneak proposal or I would’ve at least combed my hair and changed into anything than my old, ratty P.E. shirt. Hahaha!

spoken word proposal

What was running through your mind the whole time?

I only ever started suspecting something might be up when it was his turn and he said he was so nervous. And he really looked nervous. Hahaha. He never got nervous when we do even the silliest of things with our friends, so I wondered if he planned on saying something serious. When he started and our friends were just blatantly pointing the cameras at me, I started really wondering. But me being me, I didn’t want to assume things. Maybe he was just trying to be romantic? Hahaha. He was touching up on how we met, how we made things work, and by that point I was just in there soaking it all up. while at the back of my mind I kept chanting, “Huwag kang assuming, huwag kang assuming…” Hahaha.

I couldn’t quite believe it was really happening. I thought of that one prank where the guy went down and just said “Haduken!”. Was he doing that to me? No, he wasn’t, he had a ring, he wasn’t joking. I thought I should’ve really really really combed my hair and dressed better, but at the same time I really didn’t care. I thought it was perfect, because it was so heartfelt and sincere, and that’s all I really wanted.
It was perfect!

OPEN MIC X SPOKEN WORD | #TeamSirAndIndayRoadToHabambuhay from #TeamSirAndInday | PFStyle on Vimeo.

What are your tips for guys who are planning to propose to their girlfriend and  for ladies, who might be anticipating a marriage proposal? 

Eman said (For the guys)  “Just keep it chill and live in the moment. I mean, don’t propose if you don’t feel it in the deepest pit of your heart”. “You just feel it when you’re ready.” he added.

Yvette said (For the ladies) “Don’t anticipate anything. Haha. I seriously think some ladies set themselves up for disappointment when they do this and it turns out it wasn’t the right time or the right person yet. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. For me, I was just secured and happy where we were and would’ve been happy either way. Like what he said,  just keep it chill. Plus, it’s a lot more fun when you’re not expecting. Surprise!”

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  • Sabog ka bro. Once again, a post for the ages. Nakakatuwa panoorin ang video and lalo to see the reaction of Yvette. Alam mo, tama sabi ni Yvette. Do not assume na lang kasi unang una, baka ma-disappoint, at isa pa, para naman hindi masira ang moment like that happened to her when Eman proposed, the way he did.

    http://www.amazinglifedaily.com #AmazingLifeDaily

  • Teresa Dumadag

    This is so sweet! Pogi points for guys who make the effort to plan and make their proposal extra special and memorable. I agree with Yvette. Just let things unfold and enjoy the moment.

  • Ella Ivoire

    Wow, what a beautiful post… And the video! What’s that? Oh no, no, I’m not crying, just something in my eye :’)
    I wish you guys all the best and that you’re as happy as you are now for all your life.

  • Sriparna Susan

    Just amazing… I wish someone had ever thought of doing anything like this to me 🙂 So very thoughtful and beautifully planned… Congratulations and I wish you both a surprise filled life 🙂

  • Berlin Domingo

    A wedding proposal is something romantic for hopeless romantics and for those in love – this i often hear from perhaps “bitter peeps.” But who wouldnt love to be proposed to in a way you least expect it. I once dreamt of a grand proposal. Did I get it? We were poor then and still now. Or perhaps a little unimaginative. But the good news is, My husband acts as if he proposes to me everyday.

  • Thet Gueco

    Wow, what a terrific way to profess one’s love. I’m into poetry and anything that involves uttered sweet words and I must say that you both are so good with each other! Your give me more reason to be in love. Have a great life ahead!

  • It’s always nice to hear stories like this because honestly walang ganitong moment sa amin haha. Who knows though maybe someday i get to surprise her again. Oh and wow they got it on cam! 😀

  • Zwitsy

    I certainly agree with both of them. It’s better to just enjoy everything because you’ll eventually feel everything at the right time. 🙂 As for Eman, that’s indeed a nice move for you man!

  • Miss Piggy

    Oh my if someone will do this for me I would cry and hug him tight. I love how creative this one is. First time I heard about it, so unique.

  • Lester Pioquinto

    I’ve seen a lot of creative proposals before this is definitely a way to do it. The video was wonderfully made! They had everything on film. Great job 🙂