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AlDub Wedding Highlights: 5 Ways It’s More Real Than You Think

AlDub Wedding Highlights, Metrophoto

When news broke out that Maine and Alden were getting married, literally everybody had asked if it was real. Were they actually getting married? Regardless if it’s scripted or not, the AlDub Wedding Highlights (made by Jason Magbanua) prove one thing to be true: love is something we all aspire for.  Victor Hugo said so himself: To love or have loved–that is enough.

So here are our favorite moments from the AlDub Wedding Highlights film.

We adore them, not just because of the kilig they bring to our bones, but more so because we believe they contain echoes of the real love that is present in the many weddings and marriages we raise toasts to.


AlDub Wedding Highlights: 5 Ways It’s More Real Than You Think

1.  Take me to church!

No, Hozier did not provide the soundtrack.  But we have to speak for the countless couples who still believe in the sacred institution that is marriage.  Saying your vows in front of God and all the people you hold dear not only speaks volumes about your commitment to one another–it also opens your relationship up to welcome support from others.  Trust us, you’re gonna need it! Marriage is no picnic!

“Itong natutunghayan natin ngayon ay isang magandang kwento ng pag-iibigan. Nagsimula sa tinginan, nagpa-‘kilig pa more’, nagintay… Hangga’t sa mauwi na ito sa dambana ng simbahan.”

2. Continuum

“Sa splitscreen nagsimula ang lahat.  Mula noon, hinintay ko ang araw na tayo ay magkikita at magkakakilala… May kaba, saya.  Ang dami niyong pinagdaanan so talaga namang sulit na sulit.  Super worth it…”

No, John Mayer isn’t on this video either.  But what is very clear is the emphasis on love and relationships being a journey, not just of emotions but more importantly, of conscious decisions. Watching the Aldub Kalyeserye was a treat for so many because we saw how love, when nourished, can grow into something truly beautiful.

Aldub wedding highlights

Alden is left-handed! More reasons to love him.

3. Wedding day jitters

They say that it’s usually the groom who has to deal with fears of commitment.  It was no different for this dashing actor.  But he offers perfect advice for dealing with these wedding day jitters: remember why you fell in love in the first place.  Take the cue from Alden (and from other couples) and try to make the most out of your big day–because it won’t last forever!

“I’m nervous.  You’ve been longing for something so good in your life… I will just savor the moment… I’m excited to see her.  I’ve just recalled the first time we met, the journey, the past year…”


A dream come true for Maine

4. Love is not a myth.

We’ve been through so many heartbreaks and rejections, it’s sometimes difficult to believe that love still exists.  But it does!  We don’t know if Maine, who has publicly confessed her admiration for Alden, will end up with her dream man off-screen too, but the numerous couples we’ve featured on this site will surely testify to the fact that love is real!  We also like to believe that there’s enough love for everyone.  If it’s taking a while, remember: “Ma-traffic lang sa EDSA”.

“Mahal niya ko.  ‘Yun lang naman eh.  Dahil buong buhay ko, dinadasal ko lang lagi sa Diyos na sana makahanap ako ng isang taong makakasama ko pang-habang buhay at mamahalin ako nang totoo. At si alden ‘yun… Wala na talaga akong mahihiling pa.  Salamat, Alden, dahil tinuruan mo akong magmahal nang wagas at walang takot.  Salamat dahil pinaglaban mo ang pagmamahal natin.” (1:50)


The look of love

5. It’s surrender

Hands-down, our favorite part in the video was at 3:28 when Alden lifted Maine’s veil and you could see tears welling in his eyes.  Is he just a good actor, or is there more truth to this than we think? It’s driving us crazy!  And then there was the kiss just a few seconds later.  At 3:41, watch how Maine first clutches tightly at Alden, then slowly loosens her grip, as if in surrender.  They say that loving someone means allowing them to hurt you–but also trusting that they will do everything so they won’t.

This is why–real or not–Maine and Alden’s love journey has been something that the entire nation went crazy for.  We all want to believe in #TamangPanahon.  We all want scientific evidence to the existence of #forever.  But here’s what the AlDub Wedding Highlights gave us instead: a kick-ass dream wedding (Maine’s gown is from Rosa Clara and she was styled by Liz Uy!!!) and a chance to suspend what’s real–in favor of what could be.

Kudos to the network for blurring the lines between fact and fiction and keeping us guessing until the last minute. And thank heavens for Ai Ai de las Alas and her costume–or else we’d always regret that we let Alden become #TheOneThatGotAway. Ladies, you still have a chance!

How real was the Aldub romance and Wedding for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Also, be sure to watch the full video of the AlDub Wedding Highlights. You can also check out Jason Magbanua’s other videos from the series. 

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  • Renata Moreno

    I think that everything in that wedding was REAL except for the ceremony itself. From the Pre-Nup photos and video, to the preparations with stylist Liz Uy, Wedding coordinator Mosh Cruz and Events Lab to the wedding gown by Rosa Clara, the flowers and decorations in the church with Ms Kuh Ledesma as the wedding singer and the Wedding Video by Jason Magbanua. Most of all, the REAL feelings of Alden and Maine for each other was glaringly clear. There is genuine and sincere gentle caring between the two. It has been confirmed that for their wedding rings, they did not use the props chosen/proposed by Ms Liz but Alden opted to buy their ‘wedding’ rings himself and even went the extra mile to have their names engraved on said rings like real married couples. In fact in several events after the KalyeSerye wedding, and to this day, Alden was seen still wearing the ring off cam and even proudly showing it off. Maine is also still wearing the rings (the E-ring and the wedding ring) so who knows those ‘wedding’ rings might actually be couple rings or promise rings. As a fan, I can dream, hope and PRAY really hard for Richard and Nicomaine to become Mr & Mrs. Faulkerson…in God’s perfect time.

  • ALDUB|Don Juan dM™


  • Ica

    …at the back of my mind where I keep my deepest emotions and my longing that Richard and Maine will end up together, says it’s all REAL. Reality bites, upon seeing Daddy Dodz, the Lola’s and Lola Babah, nevertheless I believe every inch and emotion of their vows were all REAL.

    A thank you for this article, plus I love how you made me shiver and teary eyed when you wrote “At 3:41, watch how Maine first clutches tightly at Alden, then slowly loosens her grip, as if in surrender. They say that loving someone means allowing them to hurt you–but also trusting that they will do everything so they won’t.”

  • elena

    Nice article! The wedding looked so real indeed, which is what all the fans of Maine and Alden would really wish for! A true-to-life happy ending!

  • connie ramirez

    I had goose bumps watching the surreal wedding..they definitely are in love…Alden gave Maine an engagement ring already… this KS wedding just came up and gave them the experience of how it is to be wed. Maybe they will soon have the real one where they will use the same rings, read the same vows…it was a dreamy experience for us.. we love the couple and their happiness that day radiates to all the corners of the world who qatched the ceremony in awe.

  • Earnest Observer

    For those who follow Kalyeserye (KS), it didn’t really matter if it was still “Kalyeserye.” Everything that was shown in that nuptial was soooo unbelievably real. KS has been notorious in mixing the real from reel and this is really the mark of KS since the very beginning. In that wedding celebration, the rollercoaster of emotions was very palpable indeed. In the scene where both Maine & Alden stated their intentions(“I do”), the churchgoers cheered so loudly because it did feel as real as it gets. They want it real so badly. If that cheer was a barometer of how things felt at that moment, the kiss towards the end of the ceremony did bring the house down–it sent mercury rising! It was a riot! Looking at both of them, they kiss so tenderly and oh-so sweet. To stage that one big event LIVE on television made the whole experience unforgettable. And because it was shown LIVE, the emotions of the couple when they both stated their vows gave a lot of the people in the church, and those who watched on tv and via livestreaming, a lot of goosebumps. Hey, let’s face it, even those tears and the tremors in their voices can’t be faked. Those raw emotions were real.

  • Ricomaine

    I’ve never seen a couple more in-love with each other than those two. The way they looked at each other, the vows they uttered and the kiss and body language!!!! That was, hands down the sweetest kiss I’ve ever witnessed, sweeter and more sincere compared to real newly wed first kiss. It was an amazing feeling to witness this special moment between them. It doesn’t seem like they’re acting at all! The emotions that crossed over from the TV screen to the viewers, you could really feel their sincerity and realness, it was palpable.

  • Florita Abadia Tionko

    I believe it was REAL. In a wedding, the most important factors are the couple and their vows. If you are a Catholic, you want to make these vows before God and before witnesses. The priest simply officiates – asks the right questions and yes, gives the blessing. But the exchange of promises is what makes the marriage binding.

    I also believe this young couple will not marry each other only once, but many times. That’s how greatly they love each other! Maybe there will be (or there has already been) another ceremony with all their beloved families in attendance, and where, at the end of it – they will be presented as MR & MRS FAULKERSON. Maybe they will have the Vatican wedding Alden wants, or that beach wedding Maine dreamt about. I’m sure Alden will sweep Maine of her feet not just once, but again and again – because he vowed to make her life beautiful.

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