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Pinoy Wedding Customs & Traditions

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Check out these wedding customs and traditions that are uniquely Filipino:

Pamamanhikan (Parental Marriage Proposal)

Even before the wedding plans are under way, the groom’s family pays a visit to the would-be bride’s home to ask her hand in marriage. This is usually when discussion about the event goes underway, from wedding guests to who covers the finances (Of course, granted that the bride’s parents approve of the nuptials).

Despedida De Soltera (Hen Party)

This is basically the traditional term for the more popularly-known “Bachelorette party”, culled from the Spanish term meaning “Farewell To Singlehood”.

Sabugan (Gift Offerings)

This tradition is still being observed in the provinces especially in parts of Batangas where principal sponsors, friends, and guests of the couple are called on to give cash gifts or “sabog”. In turn, gift-givers who are women receive native delicacies while the men get a small glass of wine in return.

Pantomina (Money Dance)

This is done during the couple’s first dance at the reception where guests can pin money bills on the bride’s gown and groom’s “barong”.

Eating “Malagkit” (Eating glutinous rice)

Delicacies made from glutinous rice or “malagkit” is eaten by soon-to-be-couple to connote a solid and “sticky” partnership for life.

“Apakan ng Paa” (Stepping on the foot of the groom)

More of a superstition than a tradition, the bride is required to step on the foot of her groom during the wedding rites. This symbolizes harmony and the fact that the groom will respect and treat his bride with respect.

Do you have more Pinoy Wedding Customs & Traditions to add to our list? Share it with us on the comments section below.

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