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Sacred Heart Parish Wedding: A Rustic & Vintage Feel

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Cobi & Nathalie got hitched on a beautiful January day for their Sacred Heart Parish wedding that has a rustic vintage feel accentuated by the freshness of greens.

Looking through the photos you’ll have a sense of the happiness, love and a bit of nostalgia emanating from members of the wedding party as they celebrate the union of this lovely couple. It belies the interesting story of Cobi & Natalie being as different from each other as two people can be, yet here they are with a strong relationship and sealing this love with the vow that binds them forever.

A perfect example of the irony love brings, the couple describes their relationship in a nutshell,

“The reasons why our relationship wouldn’t work are the very same ones why it does.”

Expounding on this, Nathalie shares why this is so.

“Cobi’s a civil engineer, I’m a journalist turned English teacher. There’s a five-year age difference between us. I’m younger, of course. 🙂

We’re definitely polar opposites. Physically — he’s tall; I’m short. He’s moreno, I’m mestiza. Our fields are completely different too. Our personalities, even our love languages are different. While I’m always expressive and transparent, he can be stoic at times. Instead of continuously clashing however, we actually complement each other.”

As if being polar opposites is not enough, their relationship has been tested by distance as well.

“We’ve been together for seven years, half of that we spent as a long distance couple. It took a LOT of effort, patience, and trips to Hong Kong, but it was all worth it.”

And still, everything just came together for these two. No difference, no distance can keep them apart any longer. Despite their differences, the love and common goals & vision that they share for their relationship is stronger. It’s also important that they agreed on what and how they wanted their Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Wedding to go.

“When things finally fell into place for us, when we were finally ready to tie the knot, we knew we wanted to do it right away. Our families were suggesting that we push the wedding back until December, but we just didn’t want to wait that long. Besides the fact that we’re stubborn, we really wanted to be together already.

I’m actually proud that I was able to mount this special event in less than three months sans a wedding planner. Despite the ridiculous amount of paperwork and limited time, we successfully got married. At the church. Without eloping. Woot woot.

Yes, we couldn’t do or have everything we wanted for our wedding, and yes, we regret some choices, but what’s important is that we’re finally together. Well, almost. :)”

Working together as a couple as you plan for the big day that starts the rest of your life together is one thing, finding the right people to help you with it is another. Cobi & Nathalie shares with us how their Top Knotter Moments during their wedding is about how their suppliers are able to rise to the occasion may it be in working around the bride’s special skin needs or being brought in at the last minute.

Make up Artist for Hypersensitive Skin

Che Ricablanca is a former roommate of mine. She’s a fashion designer turned make up artist. She knew my hypersensitive skin was going to be a challenge, but she took the job anyway. 

The thing is, I couldn’t use most of the products she already had. I needed to buy my own face products. She went to Manila on a makeup shopping trip with me (she’s based in Quezon), just so I could get products that will work for me. It took us an entire day due to skin testing, but she was happy to do it for me. She also listened well as to what kind of makeup look I wanted. I was so relaxed having my makeup done come wedding day.”

The Last Minute Host

“A family friend was supposed to host our wedding. Unfortunately, that friend fell sick just two weeks before the wedding. Luckily, a friend of my sister recommended Kim Valdez to us. I was a little apprehensive to book her at first, to be honest. We wanted to have a light and fun reception and she seemed too formal for our taste.

Good thing I still trusted my gut and met up with her. She’s so good; her film reel doesn’t do her justice!

Without bias, our wedding reception was probably the happiest one I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot). She was able to throughly entertain our guests even though she was a little indisposed that day. She knew how to engage them, and us too.

After the event, many of our families and friends told us how fun our reception was, how they didn’t feel like leaving even though they’ve already eaten, haha! She even impressed my dad — a person so hard to please! Looking back to it, our reception really felt like a celebration, not just a tradition.

We were so satisfied with her that I keep on recommending her to my friends.”

While these stories might already give us some insight on how to go about similar situations come our wedding day, Cobi & Nathalie shares with us more tips on how they prepared to get to the Sacred Heart Parish Wedding they wanted.

  1. Talk about your non-negotiables.

“This helps in setting your budget and refining your search for venues and suppliers. It’s easier to know which aspects you can adjust and/or strike out.

For us, what’s most important is the food. So that took up the biggest chunk in our budget. Next, I had to have an airconditioned venue for the reception. I sweat easily when it’s warm and mosquitos love to feast on me, so outdoor and garden reception venues were out of the question.

Once we’ve decided on that, managing the budget and canvasssing were easier.”

  1. Set a general theme.

“(Prepare) a color palette, perhaps, but don’t be overly specific with what you want to happen especially if you have a tight budget or a limited amount of time.

This will save you from further stress (in planning) and disappointment (on the day of the wedding). Give your suppliers room to breathe.

In our case, we knew what we wanted in general, but weren’t too strict. We didn’t micromanage our suppliers. We adjusted when it was needed.

We were clear with what we wanted: Rustic but minimalist. We wanted to stick with white, shades of gray, and organic green. I wanted leaves!!! I asked them not to put any kind of artificial greens (like green table runners), but they were free to choose whatever kind of white flower they liked. They were also free to style our tables in whatever way they want as long as it wasn’t too extravagant.

We were clear with what we didn’t like: round tables and high table centerpieces. We wanted our guests to easily converse with each other. Other than that, we didn’t want them stretching their necks just so they could see what’s going on in front.

I think if you’re too rigid with what you want and expect everything to be exactly as you pictured it, you’re just setting yourself for a heartache. Expectation is almost always different from reality, right?”

  1. Utilize Facebook! 

“Use its Events feature in inviting and communicating with your guests. It can save you time and money. Another feature that we used on our wedding is Facebook Live. We had relatives abroad who couldn’t make it to our wedding so we asked somebody to film the entire day for us. Our families from US and Europe watched our wedding on their flatscreens, it felt like we were celebrities! We were glad that they could still witness our special day without physically having to be there.”

Now, those are three very meaty & helpful tips don’t you think? No wonder the photos captured reflexed such a light, relaxed & happy mood between the couple savoring in the joy brought by their very special day.

Supplier Spotlight: Prenup Video: Jaq Santos of Alab Media | Photo: Team Benitez Photo | Video: Woodstock Cinema  | Catering: M Catering  | Styling: Marc & Co. Events | Lights & Sounds: JAV Professional Lights and Sounds | MUA: Che Ricablanca | Hair: Euchil Agsaway | Host: Kimberly Valdez  | Invites: Bliss Paper Boutique  and Print Divas | Gown: Bonaobra Couture | Engagement ring: TSL Hong Kong | Wedding Rings: Yue Man Jewellery Hong Kong

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