Unplugged Weddings Made Easy with Instagram
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Unplugged Weddings Made Easy with Instagram

Unplugged Weddings

Imagine this: You are the groom, standing at the altar, excitedly anticipating that first look you will get of your bride in her top secret wedding gown.  You can hardly wait!  Then the double doors of the church open and you hold your breath for that first look at your future.

But instead of seeing her angelic face, your vision is obscured by a hundred phones, cameras, and tablets.  You have to tiptoe and constantly crane your neck just to see your future wife’s forehead.  In fact, you don’t see her until she’s finally beside you. (And the same crowd blocks your official photographer too).

Now imagine this: You waiting at the altar and your bride stepping inside the church.  You see clearly even from afar that she is glowing, and you know that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and you feel like the luckiest man alive.

Which would you rather have? 

A clear view of the aisle is possible at unplugged weddings.

A clear view of the aisle and no cellphone screen in sight! Photo courtesy of Current PH.

Many couples are afraid of having unplugged weddings because they want to make sure their big day is documented and shared on Instagram and Facebook.  After all, you know what they say: If it’s not posted online, it didn’t really happen right?

Why not opt for a professionally Instagrammed wedding instead? 

Though the trend has yet to hit the mainstream in the Philippines, it’s a growing movement in the west wherein the couple request their guests to (gasp!) momentarily put down their gadgets during the ceremony and savor the moment with them, while a professional takes kick-ass photos and uploads them on a designated Instagram account—maybe even with witty captions and hashtags to boot! 

Having a professional build and curate your wedding Instagram account on-the-spot is a great way to get beautiful photos to the couple, their family, and their guests as quickly as possible but without compromising the moment or the quality of the images. 


The photos are carefully curated on the couple's wedding Instagram account for easy public viewing.

The photos are carefully curated on the couple’s wedding Instagram account for easy public viewing.


Instaxing up on memorable keepsakes

Instaxing up on memorable keepsakes with the help of live photography and social media pros.

Current PH is an example of an up-and-coming professional enterprise that specializes in live photography and social media updating for unplugged weddings.  It’s run by an Instagram-savvy photographer and packages may even include Instax photo printing!  The photos in this article were taken for one of their clients.  Follow them on Instagram: @current_ph.

How do you feel about unplugged weddings?

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