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5 Benefits of Getting a Social Media Photographer

Social Media Photographer, Hashtag Hound

Weddings on real-time updates in social media? Not so long ago, the only way we’d know if someone got married was if they changed their facebook status. These days, we already have personalized hashtags for their event so friends and families can follow and check what’s happening “at-the-moment.”

Does hiring Social Media Photographers have benefits? The answer is Yes!  Check out the following things they can do for you:


1. Instant update on Social Media

Get updates using your wedding hashtag (#) as the event transpires. People who are not present during the day will feel that they are part of the wedding as they see highlights of the event via the available social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

2. More than selfies

When couples click-on their event hashtag, normally they get bombarded with tons of food shots, selfies and group-fies. There’s nothing wrong with that, but.. but.. but.. if they comprise more than 80% of the photos, then it doesn’t really tell your wedding story. Hiring someone to capture event highlights with pictures of important moments like your wedding guests and style details will complete the reliving-of-your-wedding experience.

Social Media Photographer, Hashtag Hound

3. Posted publicly

Social medial photographers normally use a publicly open account so family and guests can easily view and enjoy the photos taken during the wedding. There is fun and joy in seeing all the photos, tagging friends and reading all the comments!


4. Quality images posted

With the emerging technologies that are bridging social media and photography, social media photographers are now using professional grade equipment to capture images. When the majority of the photos posted by your guests are taken through their smartphone cameras, social medial photographers can fill up your event hashtag with stunning, high quality images.

5.  Trained event photographers

Though social medial photographers are more inclined to making sure you have a very healthy dose of social media exposure, they are very much knowledgeable on events coverage. They are the new breed of visual storytellers.


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  • I’m well aware that it’s best to have an official hashtag, but I agree with you that it may get bombarded with selfies, groupies, food and etc. Those who are following the event in real time may not see the actual wedding story. Indeed, it is better to hire a social media photographer. Do you know anyone in the Philippines doing such? And what if the bride and grooms prefers the photos to be posted in their social media accounts? Will the photographer agree?

  • When it comes to a trained event photographer, the question is, where did they get the training? LOL! Seriously, “professional” is a word that is abused. I have seen photographer who said they were pros shooting with entry level dSLR and stock lens. On the other hand, clients are not inclined to shell out the money for those who know what they are doing.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Robert. I think that’s the same problem in all industries. That’s why we still recommend couples to do research before choosing their suppliers.

  • sam

    My current job is a social media specialist and I agree. I came from PR before this, so I know what shots to take. It’s more than what’s Instagrammable. It’s about telling a story even with no text.

  • I love that there can be hashtags for weddings these days. It wasn’t the thing yet back when we got married years ago. I always participate in posting and adding hashtags too so I’m part of those bombarding the hashtag with food photos and selfies. Haha.

  • I think getting quality, nice photos out on social media would be the biggest reason for me to want one at my wedding. I think too often it is a crazy picture where the day is not properly addressed. I also think for those that can’t make it to your wedding to have pictures in real time would be awesome! I think I would even be excited to see them later that night!

  • i think those trained in a class or self trained are equally pros. anyway, in 2 or 3 years from now, my boyfriend and i are getting married. we are talking about photographers who shall cover our wedding. hihi. 🙂

    • Wooohoooo! Excited for you guys! I hope these articles will help you a lot with your wedding preps (soon). 🙂

  • How exciting it is how wedding photographs/documentations have developed. Very innovative and I guess more personalised with the help of social media photographers. Moreoever, couples should stay in love as what depicts from their lovely photos.

  • I agree with Robert. I had an unpleasant experience with a photographer and videographer who said they were professionals. The photo on their Facebook page looked good. I tried them for my eldest son’s 7th birthday celebration which was also his first solo piano concert and first time to be pianist in the Mass. The shots were not good and the videographer failed to cover important highlights like some songs my son played for the first time during the Mass and my husband and I’s birthday message to him during the party. I was very disappointed. I wasn’t able to take any other videos because I was banking on them. That’s one of the reasons I hired a “professional” photographer and videographer. I just wanted to soak all in during that event.

    • Totally agree with you and Robert. We’ve already heard of such horror stories from couples who recently got wed. That is why one of our goals in The Top Knotters is to educate couples on how to choose their wedding suppliers.

  • I agree. Getting a social media photographer is a must for events. Well, if one’s on a budget, hiring a professional photographer to post photos on social media is not really that necessary. One can always ask a close friend or relative (with a good eye for photographs) to take and post the photos.

  • I agree. Getting the services of a photographer for an event is a wise decision. They, i believe, have the eye for beauty and may also do the art direction. They may be professional or doing photography as a hobby but because photography is their passion they oftentimes see simple scenes worth capturing and telling them to us through photos.

  • Very interesting post . I actually never heard or thought of photographers being specialized on social media shoots . But , makes absolutely sense . Great advice , will share this . I am sure some people will be even happier ever after with their wedding images after reading your post on time !

  • I believe sharing intimate moments in wedding should highlight the occasion more than that of foods, selfies or whatsoever. Story is best shown in pictures,we should not wait for the official photos to be release before great shorts be shared. So having one Social Media photographer is such a help.

    cheers! http://www.masterryo.wordpress.com

  • Wedding, for most part, is a once in a lifetime event, thus, getting someone to publish the photos on relevant social networking sites real time can make friends and relatives in other part of the world follow you. Social media indeed changed how we cover and document events.

  • It feels great sharing your most precious moments in the whole wide world. So having a Social Media Photographer is a brilliant idea, you dont need to be stress on how you capture those moments that you can’t witness. Anyways, your team are good. I also referred you to my friends. Cheers!