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5 Benefits of Getting a Social Media Photographer

Social Media Photographer, Hashtag Hound

Weddings on real-time updates in social media? Not so long ago, the only way we’d know if someone got married was if they changed their facebook status. These days, we already have personalized hashtags for their event so friends and families can follow and check what’s happening “at-the-moment.”

Does hiring Social Media Photographers have benefits? The answer is Yes!  Check out the following things they can do for you:

1. Instant update on Social Media

Get updates using your wedding hashtag (#) as the event transpires. People who are not present during the day will feel that they are part of the wedding as they see highlights of the event via the available social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

2. More than selfies

When couples click-on their event hashtag, normally they get bombarded with tons of food shots, selfies and group-fies. There’s nothing wrong with that, but.. but.. but.. if they comprise more than 80% of the photos, then it doesn’t really tell your wedding story. Hiring someone to capture event highlights with pictures of important moments like your wedding guests and style details will complete the reliving-of-your-wedding experience.

Social Media Photographer, Hashtag Hound

3. Posted publicly

Social medial photographers normally use a publicly open account so family and guests can easily view and enjoy the photos taken during the wedding. There is fun and joy in seeing all the photos, tagging friends and reading all the comments!

4. Quality images posted

With the emerging technologies that are bridging social media and photography, social media photographers are now using professional grade equipment to capture images. When the majority of the photos posted by your guests are taken through their smartphone cameras, social medial photographers can fill up your event hashtag with stunning, high quality images.

5.  Trained event photographers

Though social medial photographers are more inclined to making sure you have a very healthy dose of social media exposure, they are very much knowledgeable on events coverage. They are the new breed of visual storytellers.

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