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The Colors Of Balesin: Choi & Ann Prenup

balesin , paolo feliciano

“Balesin’s seven themed villages taking us to the world’s alluring destinations tells a lot about how much we love travelling and seeing the world.”

This is one of the reasons why Choi & Ann chose Balesin as the setting for their engagement session.  As couples immortalize their love for each other through such photos, it holds much meaning to execute it in a way that reflects not just their love for each other but their relationship & shared passions as well.

“We chose this venue as we felt that it also reveals something about us.”


To these two lovebirds whose relationship stood the test of time having lived in different countries apart from their own, aside from their love for travelling, the beach has been their common refuge.

“Going to the beach was our only tranquility to take a break from reality and we felt that Balesin would be the best description of perfect escape we always wanted.”

Choi & Ann knew what they wanted for their prenup theme, but it took a while for Choi & Ann to find this discover this gem of a place for their venue.

“We wanted it to be something different, less cheesy, not overly styled and should somehow show our personality and what we love to do as a couple.”

balesin , paolo feliciano

Fortunately, they learned about Balesin Island and the moment they saw photos of the place they “instantly fell in love with its unmatched beauty!”

What makes Balesin the perfect place for Choi & Anne?

“We knew right and there that it would be the perfect spot for our prenup session considering its beautiful scenery, romantic ambience and luxurious feel. The luxurious and exclusive island also reveals what theme we wanted for our wedding…. posh and elegant!”

Browsing through the photos is indeed a feast for the eyes.  It unravels a range of images with colors that jump at you from one photo to the next casting rich, bold hues that indeed portrays their desired posh & elegant feel.

balesin , paolo feliciano

‘Indescribable’ is what Choi & Ann can say about their engagement session experience. But they attest, too, that it’s one that was worth all the preparations and resources they put in.

“The venue was perfect. It was paradise! I had an amazing team that nothing could go wrong! All the unexpected heat, shifting of location, change of outfit and numerous retouch, we all didn’t mind as everyone is focused on what we wanted to achieve and even made it an enjoyable experience.”


Of course, as in any shoot such as this, the attitude, effort and expertise of the suppliers that couples work with play a big part.

“It was really overwhelming how we get to work with such talented, awesome and passionate people. How all the ideas we all had in mind happened! It was such a relief that I have the best team to ensure everything is properly planned and executed. We were really pleased with how it all turned out and couldn’t be happier with the output.”

balesin , paolo feliciano

That in itself should give other soon-to-weds tips on what to look for in the kind of team to put together for your engagement session. Specifically, though, Choi & Ann have this as their tip for other couples; That you consider and really think through the following to ensure that you will be best prepared for your prenup session:

  • Budget for food & transportation
  • Venue
  • Photographer and Videographer
  • Makeup
  • Theme and Attire which should suit the weather
  • Schedule and Time of travel & transportation

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Supplier Spotlight: Event Stylist: Michael Badang Rueda | Photographer: Paolo Feliciano Photography | Videographer: Photogenics | HMUA: Mariah Santos | Gown: Jot Losa
How is your prenup session a reflection of your love & relationship? We’d love to know and hope others would be inspired by it too. Just feel free to contact us.

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  • Nice! Pero sandali, saan ang Balesin? Overall, the photographs are stunning. I thought that because of the white background in some, perhaps the Ann could have worn a different color than white?

    I lso took a long look at the pool. Ok, what’s the secret here? The water has to be edited…?

  • Pre-nup shoots are just love! I have guy friends, take note they’re guys, and they were telling me that if and when they get married, they’d truly invest in their pre-nup shoot. It’s the pre-wedding days, younger years, and a moment of true love that they want to preserve.

    I love the photos. Balesin is just perfect for these kinds of shoots. I’m checking out the rest of the service providers after this – Anne’s make up is gorgeous.

  • Berlin Domingo

    Balesin is indeed a beauty. No Doubt then it created a controversy before re its booking. The photos are all beautiful. They all speak of love, sophistication and grace. The colors are a stand out, perhaps because the architecture / background is just stunning.

  • I’ve only heard about and seen Balesin photos and the photos of the place are always beautiful! It would be really perfect to have a prenup shoot there. Only concern is the expenses since, as far as I know, Balesin is a member-only island so if you don’t have a membership you can’t go there right? Nonetheless, the photos are beyond amazing! I have to agree with Russ, Anne’s make up is on fleek!

  • Absolutely amazing shoot! I love the red dress and how it billows out behind. The blue and white building remind me of Greece. The last sunset shit is stunning. I love everything about this post! Almost makes me want to get married again lol

  • ⓖene ⓡose

    Who would’ve thought there’s a property like this in Quezon? And having said that Balesin is definitely on my bucket list. And since we’re talking about colors, in some shots it might have been better if the color of the clothes were popping as oppose to blending in. Non the less I love the maroon dress blown effect.

  • Sam

    Balesin is the ultimate destination for weddings! Even celebrities and politicians head over here just to get married. I love the use of red and brown palette. It’s such a vibrant and memorable color to wear.

  • The sunset photo and tree photo is amazing! Well, it’s a dream of mine to have a prenup while sitting on a tree or cuddling beside it. They made my dream come true and I’m so happy for the couple! Balesin has been a wedding place for couples. How I wish I could be part of a prenup shoot and see the magic come alive!

  • Veronica Pototska

    Oh my goodness, the photography is simply stunning! Also, they look so happy and beautiful.
    I have never heard of Balesin, but the idea is amazing!

  • Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado

    Truly looks like paradise. All the shots are beautiful! Breathtaking! I can’t even pick a favorite because there are too many wonderful shots to choose from! Balesin looks like an ideal place for a pre nup and wedding!