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Faces Of Romance At Las Casas: Alex & Caryl

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Alex & Caryl found the perfect venue for their desired engagement session sets at Las Casas de Azucar in Bataan.

Thanks to their videographer, Paulo Camacho of XOXO Cinema, who recommended the place, the couple was able to have the three set ups they wanted all in one place.


The set ups Alex and Caryl wanted were a beach setting, the old Filipino vintage feel and a backdrop of landscaped green fields. When you take a look at this set beautifully captured by Mark Vitasa Photography, you’ll see how it is indeed the perfect venue.


For Alex & Caryl, the whole session was unforgettable – as it should be. Even when they eventually felt tired, they still wanted to continue getting more shots. That’s why they’re thankful to have a positive & outgoing team for their engagement shoot. Looking at the photos, you see how the couple enjoyed their shoot and just let their love for each other permeate through the photos.


Despite having three different settings, their photos consistently have a light, bright, happy feel even as their day shots transitioned into the night. The set of photos seems to portray three ‘phases’ or faces of romance. There’s the freshness of a morning romantic moment by the beach, the drama of vintage-y romantic scenes and a theatrical evening romance. Then there’s the ‘talk to the hand-I said yes’ shot that we particularly love.


For their tips to others planning their engagement session, here’s what they have to say:

  • Make sure  you know what you want
  • Never stop checking on websites (e.g. Pinterest) for various ideas for your prenup shoot. With this, it would be easier for your suppliers to help you reach what you aim for.
  • Trust your photo & video team. Allow them to  work what’s best for you.

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Here’s Alex & Caryl’s Save The Date Video from XOXO Cinema:

Alex & Caryl | Save The Date from XOXO Cinema on Vimeo.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Mark Vitasa Photography | Video: XOXO Cinema | HMUA: Val Villarin
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