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Boracay Wedding: A Sydney Love Affair

Boracay Wedding, Love Train Studios

Theirs is a story of a gentleman from Hong Kong and a Filipina lass, whose love story unfolded in Sydney and was sealed by a beautiful Shangri-la Boracay Wedding.

Indeed, no matter how far away you both may be from each other, if you’re meant to be, love will find a way to bring you together.  Despite their different backgrounds — Arthur being from Hong Kong with a Masters in Accounting and Grace from the Philippines, who took up Nursing — they found each other as workmates in Sydney with a common interest in badminton.

Their love story

Starting out as friends, Arthur very smoothly found a way to get closer to Grace. He first invited her to Facebook where they got to chat regularly off office hours and he organized a badminton group at work so they even get to spend fun times hanging out together with their colleagues. He got Grace guessing even up until he craftily passed on a note to her asking if she would like to watch a movie with him. To top off that romantic evening they drove to La Perouse beach where he took her to his favorite spot and told her about his feelings as they sat atop the rocks.

A couple of dates after, they soon officially becoming a couple and five years later, Arthur finally proposed to Grace.


So from that first date on La Perouse beach, they find themselves this time vowing to love and cherish each other at their own garden beachside wedding in the scenic Shangri-la Boracay.  To a couple whose families and friends will be coming from different countries, this venue serves as their perfect common ground, because Arthur loves the beach and Grace just adores garden weddings.

Looking through the photos of their gorgeous Boracay wedding you can practically smell the fragrance of the rose blooms, fresh grass, and sea breeze. I love how fresh and light it all feels with the love between the couple and from their loved ones gently emanate all around.

Their Top Knotter Moment

A week before the wedding, the couple couldn’t imagine that the weather on their big day will be as beautiful as this. The weather forecast for the whole week boded of rain. This along with final preparations overwhelmed the couple. Grace could only pray so hard for God to give them sunny weather on their big day. Their wedding planner Ronald Soncio also was a lot of help to keep them calm and assured that everything will be fine and not to worry on the morning of their wedding day.


“So I gave Ronald and his team full control. And good thing I did. I wasn’t in awe at how beautiful everything was. The wedding went as smoothly as we could have dreamed. God was so good to us for giving us a beautiful sunny weather that day. Arthur & I were blessed to have such amazing wedding suppliers as well. They were all super fun and easy to work with.”

Their tips for other soon-to-weds planning to tie the knot are simple:

1) Enjoy the moment and don’t let small problems ruin the day.

2) Be prepared for something that is not going to go as planned.

3) Just have fun and go with the flow.

4) Don’t forget to eat. Have a good breakfast and eat snacks in between.


As for their relationship, they have this to share.

“Like other couples, we have gone through some difficult times, our love and respect for each other helped us survive. We may have our differences but we have learned to accept them and promised to stick to each other through and through”.

In the long-run, for the long haul, keeping love & respect within your relationship is definitely good advice that would see you through for the days and years that would follow your big day.

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Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: Love Train Studios | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa | Bride’s Dress: Essence of Australia | Entourage: Erwin Loterena | Maids of honor: The White Runway | Videographer: My Revery Films | Makeup Artist: Inyaki Yuson | Hairstylist: Julius Cabanisas | Bouquets: Vatel Manila | Boutonnieres: Etc Handmade Goodness | Bride’s Robe: La Tercera | Bridesmaid’s Robe: The Bridetribe | Band: Everyday People | Emcee: Andrew Wolff | Wedding Coordinator: Ronald Soncio Events

Who among you dreams to have a beautiful Boracay Wedding? We’d love to hear about your stories.

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