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Sun, Sea, Sky: Travel themed Prenup

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What would be a better way to shoot a travel themed prenup than with a truck, yacht and plane? As travel-loving economists, Vince & Drei sure know how to be economical in everything; even for their prenup shoot!

“We decided to have three concepts for our engagement shoot, but these three will all fall into one: “TRAVEL”. We opted to choose venues that are “FREE” or we can have a big “DISCOUNT”. Land-Air-Water, all these three venues are free of charge. Who wouldn’t love free lunch in the first place?”

It’s been said that if you really want to get to know a person, travel together. Being constantly with someone for a period of time, relying on each other and possibly encountering unusual challenges can only bring people closer or apart. With Vince & Drei traveling in & out of the country since 2009, surely their trips have done much to bring them closer, cement their relationship and prepare them for their new life together.

“(We’ve) been to a number of countries, mostly in Asia but our favorite was our trip to Canada and US last 2014. We really love to explore different places together, experience the culture and see the beauty in every destination we’ve been to. With this hobby, we are able to know each other’s interests, desires and needs, also the not-so-good ones.”

Doing something for the first time together is quite similar to traveling to a new destination together. It’s a shared experience a couple is meant to cherish. This travel themed prenup session is a new experience they shared and enjoyed together so they can capture their life as a couple before tying the knot.

“It was awesome! We enjoyed the experience and the thrill of posing. Lol! Having three looks for a day was exciting, it’s as if we were models or celebrities. Jan (HMU) and Norries (Indie Hippie Style), with the assistance of his sister, did an amazing job in making us look at our best. Big thanks to Norries, our friend & co-alumni in UST, he booked Jan for our HMU despite his busy schedule. The whole team, Photogenics, headed by Anthony and Eca were extremely talented. Words aren’t enough to describe our amazement with our photos. All our suppliers during this prenup are creative, kind and enthusiastic during the shoot. Indeed, our expectations were exceeded. We are so blessed to have them in our prenup.”

They loved their travel themed prenup session so much, they said they wanted to have a prenup shoot over and over again. I suppose, then, we should be expecting a postnup session as well, huh? I wonder what them they’d choose for that one. Maybe still travel themed but from another perspective? Whatever that may be, they have this experience to learn from to make it as fun and memorable as their prenup session; or even more so. They just need to keep in mind these tips they came up with which we’re sharing here.

1) Just be yourself and enjoy!

“Honestly, at first we were really awkward with our poses and smiles, but then we realized that to have great shots we just need to enjoy the process. We just smile and laugh the whole day, especially during breaks, just having a light mood in the set made us project well. Thanks to our photographers and stylists for helping and guiding us throughout the entire shoot.”

2) Be physically healthy. Eat always and rehydrate

“It was really tiring having such prenups, because in our experience we chose to have outdoor shoots so basically the heat of the sun was really energy absorbing, so you need to drink water once in a while. The different poses, changes of looks, outfits and locations was also tiring so you really need to have enough energy the whole day. Having enough sleep night before the prenup is a must!”

3) Organize the itinerary for every location

“In our case, we have three locations, so you must arrange all the permits (if any), the call time you’ll be shooting and the outfits you’ll be using so no cause of delay will happen.”

4) Having a Prenup with the love of your life will always be enjoyable, so relax and feel the love!

Now isn’t this travel-themed prenup just an awesome way to celebrate the special lifetime journey they’ll be having together?


Suppier Spotlight: Photograpy: Photogenics | Styling: Norries Berber of Indie Hippie Style | Hair & Makeup: Jan Edrosolan | Locations: Sacobia River Bridge, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Basa Air Base, Floridablanca, Pampanga, Subic Bay Yacht Club, Olongapo City, Zambales 

Which location did you love most in this travel themed prenup set? Don’t forget to share this with your soon-to-wed friends!

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