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Gifts for Men: 4 Unique & Quirky Gifts He’ll Absolutely Love

Everybody knows looking for gifts for men can be tricky. So here are a few unique and quirky, mostly DIY gifts that our male readers themselves confess to absolutely loving!

We love Love as much as the next person. But Valentine’s and other special occasions have sometimes got us scratching our heads.  For one thing, getting THE perfect gift makes us feel like high school students trying to build an egg parachute to be thrown over the fourth storey window.  You only have one chance lest everything breaks apart…  Okay, so nobody serious actually breaks up over crappy gifts, right?  But it’s a sincere desire to make the other feel loved that drives us on this quest. So we decided to help our readers out by coming up with this list of unique and downright quirky gifts for men; your guy will thank us!

Now you might be asking, why gifts for men? Well, just because we’re also a bit in love with all things Korean, we wanted to share this little trivia with you. In Korea, Valentine’s Day is traditionally known as Red Day, wherein it’s the women who usually give chocolates to the man in their life.  Although the practice has since evolved, we’re taking inspiration from this tidbit for our Valentine feature.  We asked our male friends and readers to tell us the best gifts they ever got that made them feel extra special and loved. Below are some of our favourite answers. See which ones you can take inspiration from!

Gifts for Men: 4 Unique & Quirky Ideas for Gifts He’ll Love

1. Promises (you’ll actually keep)

gifts for men - get ready

When he uses that “Get ready in 5 minutes” coupon and you’re like @_@ (Photo by Mayad Studios)

“My fiancee got me a Christmas ornament of the Holy Family with a note saying that it would be the first thing we’d hang on our Christmas tree when we have our own family. I cried. HAHAHA.” – Kevin Muico

“I made coupons, but instead of the usual (massage, dinner, movie, etc.), I thought of things that he would normally have to sort of force me to do or something that he would desperately want during a sticky situation. For instance, I made an ‘argument ender’ card and a ‘be ready in 15 mins or less’ card because he doesn’t like it when I take ages to get ready. He seemed to really like them.” – Meedge Amoroso-Aquino

Though they differ in weight, keeping promises is definitely something both guys and girls appreciate from their significant other.  Whether it’s a commitment to your life together, or just to be on time for dinner. We like the cheesy but touching ornament gift suggestion but just went gaga over the quirky coupons! It’s one of the most adorable gifts for men we did NOT think of (but luckily, a reader did)! Other wives and husbands alike saw it and immediately thought of doing the same (or requesting for one from their spouses).  And what’s great is you can customise it according to what your hubby really needs from you.  For that part, see also our note on the gift of sacrifice. LOL.

2. The Gift of Sacrifice

gifts for me

Walk as one. (Photo by Jun Garcia Photography)

“My girlfriend cooked and set up breakfast in bed for me when I was sick. I was super duper kilig because before then, she didn’t know how to cook or even use a gas stove. And now she does!” – CK Castro

“My wife giving up her religion to walk my faith was the best gift ever.” – Rob Jaldon

Nothing says, “I love you” like carrying a cross.  Or at least, occasionally doing the things you’re not used to (but always within your boundaries), just to let your man know that you care for him.  Sometimes, it’s doing the stuff you hate like cooking or even running a marathon.  Other times, it calls for bigger sacrifices like moving continents or even switching religions (after much conversation and reaching a mutual decision, of course).  These are gifts for men that really show your commitment ’til death do you part!

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3. Getting crafty

gifts for men - crafts

Skills: Drawing on-fleek eyebrows. Walking in heels. Wood-carving?!? (c) Efjay Deleon

“My girlfriend was not the artistic type but she made me a scrapbook that contained our pictures and her appreciation of how much I loved her. I saw the amount of effort she placed into it. Overall it looked really childish but to me it was adorable.” – Djong Bubot

“For one of my birthdays, my wife gave me a collection of over a hundred letters. She collected messages from my family, friends, classmates, co-workers, everyone who had been part of my life. Then she wrote each of the messages by hand. It really made me feel loved.” – Julius Comia

Sure you could get a pro to layout a photobook for you. Or you could just print letters rather than handwriting them yourself.  But just as we girls like it when our men bake us a cake themselves, gifts for men are most appreciated when they’re a labor of love too!  Because even if they deny it a gazillion times, we know better: Pusong mamon din sila!  Here’s one instance when it’s really the thought (and effort) that counts, rather than how much you spent or how pretty the outcome is.

4. Show off (how well you know him)

gifts for him

Man-bouquet anyone? (Make sure there are spicy wings there.)

“Got this Chickenjoy Bouquet from my girlfriend of 6 years on our last anniversary. Aside from me pretty much looking like Jollibee, it has always been my go-to happy food. I would say this is the perfect Man-bouquet, very functional and witty. It’s cliche but true: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” – Ejae Magno

“I bought him a hardbound Big Beer Encyclopedia which he treasures and refers to even today. It’s the gift daw that told him I was the one!” – Rochelle Farrales

What’s one of the best parts about being loved? Being truly known and accepted by someone, flaws and peculiarities included.  And all of our recommended gifts for men have to show just this!  Whether it’s a once-in-a-while permission for your man to pig out on his favourite unhealthy food (Note: we aren’t getting paid by Jollibee in any way), or encouraging his nerdy obsession with beer. 

All of the above

gifts for men - personalized RPG

We’re geeking out too. Photos from Hiraeth video game by Ana Feliciano

Not to put any pressure on you, but we just have to share this gift that outclassed almost all other gifts for men we’ve ever heard of.  We love how unique and personalised it is, but also how much effort went into its creation.  It took approximately six months to complete it (three of those procrastinating LOL).  Talk about advanced preparation!  But above all, it was that promise of #Forever that made this super cool gift also extremely sweet (in a geeky way).

“My girlfriend made me a video game and a big hardbound book that came along with it, entitled ‘Hiraeth’. In the first pages was a personal letter written to me 6 months prior. I won’t get into the mushy details. After was a short story she wrote as the prequel to the game. After reading, I came across a bunch of pages stuck together and a flash drive tucked into a carved center. It contained the game which featured the two of us as the main characters in an RPG set in medieval times. In it were references to our relationship — jokes and conversations, pets, hobbies, etc.

“The game was left open-ended. Going back to the book, it contained one last part (that I almost missed LOL). Similar to how I found the flash drive, this time I found a replica of Sauron’s One Ring. The Lord of the Rings films were the first we ever watched together. This, she explained, was the ‘Future’ part, and the ring symbolizes commitment to a long and arduous journey — just like the one Frodo and Sam undertook.  Aside from that, she also gave me a cool copy of Alexander Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, which was really the only thing I told her I wanted haha.” – Lee Arevalo

What matters most

Regardless if you have three months, three days, or three hours, putting thought into your token is really what makes the gifts for men in our lives all the more special.  This applies, not only to your hubby or boyfriend, but even your dad or best guy friend (who’s really the best friend and not the guy you friend zoned because otherwise that would be cruel).  But if you have little time or budget (hopefully not imagination), always remember that the perfect gift sometimes can be as simple as a hug or kiss or time well-spent with the one you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Which of these four do you plan to go with on Valentines Day?

Also please share with us more of your fabulous gift ideas for the guys in the comments section below!

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