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7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly


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May it be in a rustic cathedral, a manicured boutique garden, or a sun-kissed beach, it will always be a fitting tribute to give a nod to Mother Earth on our wedding day by making our big day not a burden for her.

Here are seven practical ways to make your wedding not only memorable but also eco-friendly: 

  1. Recycle

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” says an old wedding saying. Not only is this economical, it also saves the environment as you do not contribute to the generation of waste during an event.


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  1. Buy local

May it be that mouthwatering dessert or that succulent fish you want your guests to taste, it is better to source your supplies locally to reduce your carbon footprint, the amount of greenhouse gases we contribute with our activities. That slice of wedding cake? It packs 155 grams of carbon dioxide, twice the amount of carbon footprint produced by a bowl of homemade potato chips.

  1. Minimize wastage

Marine scientist Ma. Isabel Senal suggests that keeping things simple during one’s wedding contributes to helping the environment. “More accessories, decorations, etc means more wastage. It will be better select key items as memento for the wedding,” she said.

  1. No to paper lanterns, balloon releases

Paper lanterns and balloon releases are pretty romantic but do you ever wonder where those pieces of paper and rubber ever end up. As the saying, “what goes up must come down,” paper lanterns and balloons end most probably end up in the ocean, the Earth being 75% covered by the sea.


  1. Minimize distance of ceremony and reception

Not only does it save you on providing transportation for all of your guests, it also supports the environment as it lessens carbon emissions of vehicles used. It may be little but as they say, great things start from small beginnings.

  1. Know your metals, gems, stones

As our recently published blog on ethical diamonds  said, knowing where your metals and gems come from is important to avoid adding further damage to the environment and to society. Geologist John Christopher Lawrence Morillo said metals and gems are limited in supply and should acquired judiciously. “They run out, and the more we seek to look for these materials, the more we need to dig the earth- and the consequences include deforestation and displacement of natives from ancestral lands,” he said.

  1. Maximize technology

With the dizzying acceleration of technology, weddings tweaks are now easier to do. May it be calendar synchronization, sharing photos of your prospective gown, or giving pegs for your photo booth, the ultimate task master will have a field day with accomplishments just a click away.

How about you? How did you contribute in saving the environment on your wedding day? Share your story.



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