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Safari-Themed Prenup: Miko and Lea

safari-themed prenup

Miko and Lea have been together for a little over two years and now they are about to walk down the aisle. But before anything else, it’s good to have something to remember prior to this end goal. Prepping for the wedding can be stressful but that doesn’t mean that you can’t insert a lot of enjoyable moments like having a safari-themed prenup shoot with The Daydreamer Studios.

Having met through a dating app, Miko and Lea wasted no time to get acquainted with each other. And even in short span of time, they discovered how they complement each other.

“We wanted to have more photos of us. We didn’t have long years as boyfriend and girlfriend and so we want to have beautiful photos captured together.”

Finding the Alternative Venue

It is through this prenup session that they got to be creative in order to create more memories before a new chapter in their life begins. They decided to go unconventional selecting multiple themes for this prenup session. And among the themes they have selected, it was the safari-themed prenup shoot they enjoyed the most. Though the sand dunes in Ilocos Norte proved to be an elusive dream, she was able to find an alternative option. The great thing was, it didn’t cost as much but has a similar atmosphere.

“I saw an alternative location on how we can achieve the 4×4 ride and sand which is the lahar area in Pampanga. This was a perfect location because it’s just 2 hours away from the metro.”

It wasn’t the most elegant but the safari-themed prenup session turned out to be highlight of their set. It felt as if they were in their element – out of their comfort zones. The candidness of the session showed how Miko and Lea are as a couple. No drama or acting, both showed their playfulness without worrying about the ruggedness, dirt, and the weather. Even with the absence of elaborate props and outfits, the unexpected drizzle added a natural touch to the scene.

The Key To A Successful Prenup

With Lea’s keen sense of planning, they are able to execute the plans with the help of her suppliers making it a Top Knotter moment. Though it proved to be struggle to align everything especially the suppliers’ schedules, Lea was able to make necessary adjustments.

“Planning for this safari-themed prenup session was a success and all the things we’ve planned have been executed perfectly. I first aligned the final mood board concepts and then coordinated with Daydreamers Studios the lookbook prepared by the stylists. Finally, I made a detailed timetable where I defined the sequence and timing for each theme.”

As always, just like Lea said, good planning is always the key to achieving your desired prenup outcome. And another key factor to remember is to have fun and be yourself. Because at the end of the day, everything else will fade but the memories created during the session will last for a lifetime.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: The Daydreamer Studios | Styling: Tipping Point Collective | HMUA: Toni Aviles | Video: Paradox Films | Gown: Mak Tumang | Venue: Clearwater Country Club

What do you think about this safari-themed prenup? Would you still push through Ilocos Norte or or do you think this looks just perfectly fine?

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