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Countryside Romance Prenup: Miko and Lea

countryside romance prenup

Miko and Lea’s nostalgic countryside romance prenup is a wonderful contrast to how their less-than-traditional love story began. Read on for juicy details and hot photos!

There are a lot of options for engagement session themes, especially when you’re willing to get out of the busy city. Whether you’re wanderlusts, adventurers, or a couple of foodies, the choices are endless. For Miko and Lea, their countryside romance prenup session was something they just had to do when they saw the El Kabayo Stables in Subic.

Miko and Lea’s nostalgic countryside romance prenup serves as a wonderful contrast to how their love story actually began: through a dating app! Their romance might have began in millennial fashion, but it still found its way into a more traditional happy ever after.

Planning Their Countryside Romance Prenup

While their relationship blossomed organically, Miko and Lea’s countryside romance prenup took a little bit more advanced planning. It was a good thing that Lea was great at planning and budgeting. She herself laid out all the necessary details for their engagement session, including the schedules and logistics. She even took the lead in planning the setup for their shoot. While other brides might prefer to leave it up to their suppliers, Lea was more hands-on…and, boy, did it pay off!

“The key to success is to be clear about what you’d like to achieve and to clearly communicate the concept with the suppliers. It will be easier for them to give and show their output if you are clear about what you expect from them.”

If there were a time to be outspoken and assertive, we’d have to say planning your wedding and prenup would be one of those! After all, when things are well-planned and going smoothly, you’ll grow at ease and feel more comfortable on-cam. You’ll also get to enjoy and savor the moment, which we think is just as (or even more) important than the output.


Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Happy One Photo | Stylist: Styling by Melange | HMUA – Makeup by Katrina Guzon | Wedding Gown – Mak Tumang 

Most couples usually go with a theme to represent their love story. We love how Miko and Lea contrasted their more modern meet-cute with a countryside romance prenup. But whatever you do decide on, we hope you learn from their solid advice so that you can enjoy your special moment too! Cheers!

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