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Rustic Romantic Prenup at Zambawood: Janjo & Mec

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Home is where the heart is. To Janjo & Mec, being in Zambawood for their rustic romantic prenup made them feel so at home.

“We chose that venue because it’s very close to home. And we felt that we wanted to show that in our prenup.”

One can see from these images that Janjo & Mec don’t only feel at home in Zambawood, but moreso with each other. It’s as if this couple camped out at a remote location, disconnecting from the hustle & bustle of work, so that they could focus on connecting more with each other.

For Janjo & Mec, their rustic romantic prenup experience ‘was both exciting and tiring, but it was all worth it’.

Besides, what would be a better way to connect with your loved one than being surrounded by the calm and refreshing embrace of nature? Taking a look at these images captured by Bernard Aniversario for Janjo & Mec, you could almost smell the rustic scent of pinewood and feel the ocean breeze. In a place like this, the most romantic settings would be snuggling on a cool evening by a campfire then waking up early in the moring for a stroll along the beach. All with your loved one right beside you. Fortunate for Janjo & Mec to have such photos of them captured for them to look back on years from now.

For other soon-to-weds planning their prenups session, Janjo & Mec have these tips:

1)    Stay fit!

2)    Match your outfits carefully.

3)    Practice your smile.

And as you practice your smile, just let your happiness come out. The couple adds:

“The most beautiful smiles are the ones you give when you are happy”

These tips may seem like such an effort to take note of when preparing for one’s prenup session. But it seems just taking note of following these three tips help much with getting the the photos you want, with the help of good suppliers, that is.

Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Bernard Aniversario Photography | Videography: Take 2 films | HMUA: Blushworks by Geneva

So, what do you think of this rustic romantic prenup in Zambawood? We’d love to hear from you.

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