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More Than Serendipity: Kristian & Leah’s Wedding

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Those yearning for “the one” have a lot to learn from Kristian & Leah’s love story. To some, finally finding the “right one”  happens because of fate. To others, it’s  a wonderful case of serendipity. But Kristian & Leah’s story tells us, it’s more than that. Finding the love of your life is more than serendipity.

“We met at a boarding house when we were both working at Philippines Airlines. I was an airport ground staff and he’s a cabin crew but funny how in the long years that we were there, we never met at work.

“I knew from the start that Chan was a husband-material. He was the “domestic” type, result of living in a farm in his hometown Davao. He cooks for me and our other boarder friends but mostly me that’s why I was the only one struck by his love potion. The minute I saw his handwriting in an old magazine with my name written on it, only that it’s with his last name, I knew I finally found my God’s best. That all the wishes I whispered in the air during senti modes with my roommate reached the heavens and an angel was sent to me with removable wings in his dapper uniform. It was not a F-L-A-M-E-S thing. It was way more serious than that. No labels. Just two happy souls finding home in each other.

In 2011, on management decision, us ground staffs were forced to an early retirement. I left for the US for an overdue vacation but my roommate and I didn’t give up our room just yet. We paid three more months rent until I came back home to Manila. I made a decision to look for work only near the boarding house because I knew that if I move away, Chan and I will be just a thing of the past. Fate was in my favor. I got the work I prayed for and the man I decided on forever with.

It is true that love comes in unexpected places but sometimes it’s more than serendipity. More than a fairytale. You need to have guts to fight for it and make it work.

I was from a long distance relationship that slowly fell apart. Chan was never in a relationship before me. Now, I’m more than thankful to be his first and like the song, we’ll be each other’s last and we’ll be careful with our fragile hearts.”

No wonder Kristian couldn’t hold back his tears of happiness upon seeing Leah walk down the aisle. As Paolo Coelho writes in The Alchemist, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”.  You have to want something. And want it, Kristian and Leah did. But despite the uneventful yet favorable circumstance of their first meeting, they had to face challenges in their relationship before they eventually tied the knot.

Looking through their wedding photos taken by Madglass Studio, you’ll see how it was such an emotional moment for everyone. Love was all around, from the couple to their parents, family & friends. It’s interesting though how, for them, their Top Knotter moment was during their engagement shoot.

“It was something that we dreaded the most because posing for somebody not close to us makes us a little uncomfortable. We had to say we are the couple who loves to eat and to prepare for the shoot, we tried going to the gym and quit after a session, and tried boxing and quit again after two sessions. Meaning, we were very conscious about flabby arms and bulging bellies. The number of food tastings worsen the confidence. However, Kim is such a pro. He has his ways of making you feel at ease. He made us feel like we really look good in all angles. He asks for our ideas and shares his in order to come up with flawless photos. No need for over the top props. We must say, he perfected the art of minimalism. Finally after a long day, he teased us with one photo, the final shot where we were in the middle of the green field and the night has fully blanketed the location, and the output was just magical considering it was an unedited shot! We knew right there and then that our wedding photos will be something just as enchanting! Plus, our friends thought that we shot some photos abroad! The team of Mad Glass Studio are highly commendable as if the photos have not done the talking!”

For other couples preparing for their own wedding, they offer these tips to help prepare for an awesome one.

  1. Get suppliers who know their craft very well.

    They don’t need to be the most expensive ones. Research on their works, read blogs, ask friends or family for recommendations. It pays a lot to have suppliers who can deliver even the minute details. Remember that on the day itself they will represent you in translating your ideas.

  2. Find a theme and stick to it.

    We got a wedding board and had photos from Pinterest printed so it’s easy to see how we want everything to look like. We lay everything out and when there’s too much going on, edit, edit, edit! You don’t want your wedding to look like a circus!

  3. It’s ok to DIY but make sure you can commit to it.

    We didn’t hire a stylist and we only had on-the-day-coordinator because we want to be hands on and due to budget consideration as well. Your guests would recognize that special touch right away.

  1. Expect the worse and move on!

    We had to make crates for the cake stand because our supplier backed out the last minute. It’s a waste of facial to be wallowing on it and besides there’s tons of other things in the to-do list.

  2. Your wedding, your rules!

    Don’t be afraid to set guidelines for your guests. After all, it’s for everyone’s convenience, or they would end up becoming an extension of the table cloth.

  3. Don’t forget to pamper yourselves.

    Wedding can be very stressful especially on the last few days. Indulge yourselves by going to the spa for some pampering. Body massage is always a good idea!

This is a great set of tips. It’s actually something to think of following specially if you’re the type of couple who are always undecided. The theme of their tips is really about being on top and in charge of how you want you wedding to turn out.

Kristian and Leah SDE from Mad Glass Studio on Vimeo.

Supplier Spotlight: Church : Santuario de San Jose | String Quartet : Ronald Ong & Co. | Entourage Flowers : Carl Clint Flower Shop | Wedding Ring/Cord : La Real Jewelry | Arrhae : Jigs & Clays Jewelries | Reception : Oasis Manila | Caterer : Centertable Catering | Lights & Sounds : Majestic Events|  Singer : Jex de Castro | Invitation/Canvas : Make Art Prints | Easels : Lordween Easels | Wedding Favors : Mr&Mrs Green | Stamp : Master Stamp Dryseal | Cake : J Cuppacakes | Hotel : Discovery Suites | Photo/Video : Mad Glass Studio | Coordinator : Amazing Concept Events Management | Bridal Car : Royal Carriages | HMUA : Majica | Wedding Gown : Bridesdream | Groom’s Suit : I.L. Santos | Shoes : Badgley Mischka / Pedro | Host/Singer: Richard Phillip Budionga

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