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A Rustic & Blue Theme at Lucban Quezon Wedding

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There’s something endearing about this Lucban, Quezon Wedding. Maybe it’s the ocean blue twist to its rustic vintage-y vibe or the chihuahua with its own lace collar, I can’t put a finger on it for sure. But certainly, King and Nica’s lovely wedding is the perfect culmination of the love so certain that is shared between them.

Both having been from a long-term relationship, they were probably already pretty sure of what they wanted in a lifetime partner. Though unexpected, it didn’t take much time for them to realize that whatever it is they were looking for was just in each other. Nica shares their story that started from being workmates to lovers.

“December 2012 when I transferred from Quezon province to Manila for a job offer. My first day was Christmas party of our division and where I first met King, when he took picture with me. I never notice him at that time. He was just some guy who was very clumsy and loud. And both of us were in a relationship, so expect no spark back then. We were never close even we got to see each other everyday in the office. Though we have several short convos but more of work related stuff. 

But life always surprises us with unexpected things. Early 2014, we both broke up with our respective boyfriend/girlfriend each for different reasons. After several months passed, he suddenly texted me and asked if we can have a breakfast. Of course, I declined (pakipot!). After I refused to have breakfast with him, we never talked to each other for almost 2 months (Can’t remember the exact months). 

We again started to chat October 2014 and he asked me if I can join him for a dinner… and I said yes. Then, everyday we started sharing stories, life goals and the likes. Come November, he invited me to visit his home to celebrate fiesta at Angono, Rizal where I met his family. 

Days passed by very fast and I realized that we were already couple on November 24.”

It also didn’t take too long for Nica to answer King another yes after that initial dinner invite, this time a bigger one. What made their relationship strong and what helped with the certainty of their decision is the respect, sincerity & love they have for each other and the way they handled their relationship learning from their heartaches in the past. Here’s how their love story brought them to their lovely Lucban, Quezon Wedding.

“Our relationship wasn’t like a fairytale, which I always want to have. No flowers, no chocolates, no cheesy words. Just pure respect, sincerity and love. We never talk about the past, we both accepted each other without any doubt. Though we were both came from failed relationship which was very serious one (His was 10 years and mine was 3 years) but we never used this to play with chances. I believe that God intentionally sent both of us to each other, to heal every scar we have and let us experience the love we both deserve. 

We know from the start that we want to spend our lives together. January 2015, when he asked me and I said yes! By May, his family visited my parents to talk and plan the wedding. We initially set it by May 2016 but due to some constraint we moved it December. But sadly, his uncle died. 

So we moved it last January 28, 2017, when we vowed to spend our lives together.”

And what a simply lovely wedding it was. The touch of ocean blue in their rustic vintage-y theme was a delightful detail. It was the perfect accent in the invitations and on the bridesmaids as they surround and highlight the blushing bride, Nica.

On their suppliers, this is what they have to say as their top knotter moment during this rainy Lucban, Quezon Wedding. Here she raves about her suppliers for photography, videography, reception venue, wedding gown and on the day coordination.

“The special experience we had with them was that they were very professional even if they are still starting in their respective lines. Like Kevin Marquez Photography, they were there at 6 in the morning even if it was raining too hard (yes, our wedding day was raining!). They utilized every corner of my room just to get a good shot. They didn’t waste any time. They got every detail they needed. What we like most about them was that they never force us to do awkward pose or act unnaturally. 

Rhayan C. Libranda Cinema’s team were from Lopez, Quezon, an almost 4 hours drive from our venue. They arrived at the venue on time which we appreciated so much since time for us was very vital because all will be adjusted if one supplier failed to come on time. They were very easy to work with and they really worked hard to provide us an excellent service.

The same day edit video and photo slideshow from both teams were superb! I really cried because I was so touched by their craft! Even after the wedding, my friends complement their work. Some of them wants them to cover their special events. And we are very confident that we can recommend them to our friends and families.  

As for the venue, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Resort and Hotel provided us with a very accommodating stay, especially Mr. Epoy, their marketing supervisor. He even stayed there until the event was done. Food was delicious as usual! We never experienced any problem with them! 

My gown was my dream wedding dress brought to life by Tita Susan of Sariayahin. Our gown from our high school prom to our college night was made by them so, undoubtedly, we chose them!    

Of course the whole event wasn’t a success if we never worked with Ms. Chantel Domingo-Abadilla of C events for our on the day coordination. We were never worried of the things we needed since she already handed it to us when we need it. Her team was very creative and resourceful!  

As with any wedding, sometimes there are some things that don’t happen as planned. But Nica & King are able to get passed it and not let it ruing their big day.

We never had major problem during the wedding, just a minor one with our flower supplier. They failed to deliver some of our request which was part of the contract. But then we never stress ourselves, we just forget it and move on! 🙂 But special thanks for my beautiful cascaded flowers! Love it! 

So, for other soon to weds, her are their tips for wise wedding planning:

1) Plan ahead

You will not foresee the most important details of your big day if you don’t plan early. I think 1 year is enough to prepare but some suppliers, specially those who are in demand, are already booked a year in advance. By this time try to source out suppliers of video, photo, events place and even the church already.

2) Spend wisely

Don’t be afraid to do DIY if it just small part of the wedding like invitations, guest table name and souvenirs. Yes, we all know that this day is once in a lifetime event but spending the last dime in your account is not good! You never want to beg after the wedding day right?

3) Choose wisely

When looking for suppliers, go for those who are still building their names but are competitive enough. If your friends has recommendation, go for it since they already experience the service of the supplier. Based on our experience, even those with big names in the industry failed to deliver quality service maybe because of the demand.

Now, those are tips worth considering as you prepare for your big day. Take it from Nica & King who seems to have thoroughly enjoyed their rustic & blue Lucban, Quezon wedding.

Supplier Spotlight: Coordinator – C Events | Photography – Kevin Marquez Photography | Videography – Rhayan C. Libranda Cinematography | Bridal Gown-  Sariayahin | Makeup – Choitan Lee | Bridal Robe – La Rosa | Bridesmaid Skirt – Cruella & Co.| Invitation – Salt & Paper Designs & Print | Flowers – Jem’s Floral Creation | Cake – Sugar Street Bakeshop

What did you like most about King & Nica’s wedding? Don’t forget to share this with soon-to-wed friends, specially those thinking of tying the knot in Quezon. 

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