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Australian Prenup: Breathtaking Beaches Down Under

Australian Prenup, Photogenics Studio

Of the country down under’s many natural wonders, Jonathan & Krista found the perfect beach backdrop for their Australian prenup.

“We’ve always loved the beach and nature. We accidentally stumbled on those places when we were having a weekend away drive along the peninsula. We chose those two venues for our engagement shoot as they are almost secluded areas. It’s not where tourists would normally go but where locals normally walk along the beach and surf. We’ve always known that we like a laid-back, candid and fun shoot. No formal set-up, no props, just the pure beauty of the nature and just the two of us surrounded by it.”

True enough, they did get the laid-back, candid & fun shoot that they wanted in this Australian prenup.

“It was a lot of fun working with Photogenics team. We were at ease with the guys and we had a blast. Everything went smoothly and the beauty of nature alone was enough for everyone to work with. That produced stunning results for our engagement shoot.

Indeed, the photos in this Australian prenup captured a good balance of the love between Jonathan & Krista and the breathtaking nature view in the Flinders Blowhole and London Bridge in Portsea, Victoria.

For other couples, Jonathan & Krista shares what they want couples to remember and take note of as they go through the motions of planning & having their own prenup that would reflect their personality & relationship as a couple and to ensure that it will be an enjoyable & memorable experience for them.

1)     Don’t feel scared to go outside the norm. Whether or not it has been done before, always go with what you’ll be happy with.

2)     It’s an experience as much as a shoot.

3)     Think of what your personality is, and try to incorporate that in your shoot. That way, you’ll be comfortable and beautiful results will follow because you’re having fun. There’s no limit as long as you’re willing to work on it. You can be laid-back or crazy as you want, but the most important thing is to soak in the experience.

Supplier spotlight: Photography & Videography: Photogenics Studio | Hair & Makeup: Elly Liana

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