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From Friendship And Love To Forever: Karen & Jayson’s Wedding

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For Karen & Jayson whose journey together began with friendship and love, their wedding day was a long-awaited one.

From all the way back in college, theirs was a long engagement that withstood the test of time.

“Jayson and I started as college friends back in 2005. There was nothing really special during that time until we found ourselves in love with each other two years later [2007]. One of the things that we’re proud of is, our relationship was built with friendship. We took our time to get to know each other very well and didn’t rush things. And we believe, this is why our relationship has gotten stronger in the past 8 years.”

Many can relate that a long-term relationship, even with the foundation of friendship and love, is not that easy. So they shared with us what, for them, was key to keeping them together until  they ‘seal the deal’ for good and beyond.

“We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. We’ve faced so many challenges and bad circumstances. For us, what matters the most is our love, trust and respect for each other.”

It seems like Jayson just waited for them to surpass the so-called ‘seven-year itch’. Because he popped the question to Karen after more than 8 years of being together.

“After being together for more than 8 years, Jayson officially proposed to me on my 27th birthday. It was indeed the best birthday gift ever. God knows how much we worked hard and prayed for our union, and it just feels so good that everything came in His perfect time.”

Indeed, it’s amazing how God gives the best answers in His perfect time, even in bringing people together through friendship and love. On their wedding day, you can just see the joy and glow on their faces. Of course, couples know, wedding suppliers, chosen carefully, are the God-sent angels who help with making their big day go smoothly. So for many, their wedding supplier become good friends, the same goes for Karen & Jayson.

“One of the enjoyable experiences that we had is when we’ve gained new friends, who are our dearest suppliers. We get the chance to build new relationships and share our story with them. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to book efficient suppliers who take their craft seriously. They’re such a blessing to us!”

Here they share with us details of their top knotter moments:

On Imbitado Events – We’re very lucky to have met such a great team like Imbitado Events. From the very first time I met Ayie, I knew in my heart that we’ve made the right decision to have them as our wedding coordinator. No wonder they’ve been awarded several times as the Top Wedding Supplier in the past few years because indeed, they provide excellent service to many couples! Our wedding wouldn’t be a success without this team! What would I do without you guys?

On Efjay De Leon – We’ve met Efjay a couple of years ago during my best friend’s wedding. Who would have thought two years later, we’ll cross our paths again and he’ll end up as our wedding photographer? It’s truly a great experience to work with Efjay and his team during our prenup and wedding day. These guys were amazing! They were able to capture our priceless moments that we will cherish forever.

On Daryl John Santos of Light Vision Films – Daryl is a good friend even before we started our wedding preparations. We’ve seen him work his magic in his SDEs so we didn’t really have second thoughts on having him as our wedding videographer. He’s indeed exceeded our expectations! What I love the most is, it’s not just us who were touched by watching our SDE, but also our dearest family and friends!

To help other soon-to-weds as they prepare for their own wedding, here are Karen & Jayson’s tips:

  1. Work as a team.

    Preparing for your wedding could be the most challenging thing you can work on before settling down so make sure to work as a team! Always ask your partner what you can do better to help in the preparations. Talk about what are your individual strengths and weaknesses so you can plan ahead and work efficiently.

  2. Compromise.

    Sure, there will be arguments but make sure to always, always, compromise. Communicate with your partner and make sure to consider each other’s opinions. At the end of the day, both of you only want what’s best for your wedding.

  3. Prepare for your marriage, not just your wedding. 

    Keep in mind that you’re preparing not just for your wedding, but also for your life together after the wedding – which is your marriage. Make sure that you don’t skip on attending a marriage seminar / counseling months before your wedding day because it will help you to know more about each other. Believe me, there’s a lot more to know about your partner (even if you’re already married!) so make sure to work on it continuously!

  4. Enjoy the moment.

    Don’t forget to spend quality time together in between the wedding preparations! It’s important that you still go out on a date once in a while! Watch the latest movie in cinemas, or go for a late night talk over coffee and celebrate as Fiancés!

Great tips to keep friendship and love growing from planning your wedding to the years to come that you’ll be sharing together.

Supplier Spotlight: Ceremony – San Agustin Church | Wedding Preparation – Midas Hotel & Casino | Reception – Le Parc | Coordinator (On the day) – Imbitado Events | Caterer – Hizon’s Catering | Photography – Efjay De Leon Photography | Videography – Daryl John Santos of Light Vision Films | Bridal Gown – Bride House | Bridal Robe – La Rosa | Groom’s Suit – Paulo Lazaro | Entourage Dresses – Camille Chan | Bridal Bouquet – Dangwa Florist | Hair and Makeup – Victoria Contreras Hair and Makeup | Wedding Invitations – Yanna’s Printshop (designed by the bride) | Wedding Rings – Penny’s Jewelry Shop | Bride’s Earrings – Schatz Jewelry | Wedding Singer – Ralph Padiernos | Lights & Sounds – Rejectkrew Professional Lights & Sounds | Photobooth – Clickstart Photobooth

What do you think of this love-filled wedding of Karen & Jayson? Don’t forget to share this with your soon-to-wed friends taking the next step from friendship and love to forever!

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